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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

A Walk Through the Moth Families -- Micromoths: Tortricidae to Pyraloidea

Tortricidae: Olethreutinae; Olethreutini 2701-2866       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Tortricidae: Olethreutinae; Eucosmini 2867-3353       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Tortricidae: Olethreutinae; Enarmoniini 3354-3399
Tortricidae: Olethreutinae; Grapholitini 3400-3500       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Tortricidae: Tortricinae; Tortricini 3501-3564      Fast     Slow     Spread  
Tortricidae: Tortricinae; Cnephasiini 3566-3580
Tortricidae: Tortricinae; Eulini 3565, 3581-3591
Tortricidae: Tortricinae; Archipini 3592-3693       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Tortricidae: Tortricinae; Sparganothini 3694-3750       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Tortricidae: Chlidanotinae 3751
Tortricidae: Tortricinae; Cochylini 3754-3863       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Zygaenidae 4618-4639       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Megalopygidae 4640-4650
Limocodidae 4651-4700
Epipyropidae 4701 and Dalceridae 4702

Pyraloidea: Crambidae and Pyralidae

Crambidae: Scopariinae 4703-4739       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Crambidae: Acentropinae 4740-4788, 5299
Crambidae: Odontiinae 4789-4845
Crambidae: Glaphyriinae 4846-4896
Crambidae: Musotiminae 4896.5
Crambidae: Evergestinae 4897-4933
Crambidae: Pyraustinae; Pyraustini 4934-5078       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Crambidae: Pyraustinae; Spilomelini 5079-5298
Crambidae: Schoenobiinae 5300-5324       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Crambidae: Crambinae 5326-5509
Pyralidae: Pyralinae 5510-5536       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Pyralidae: Chrysauginae 5537-5574
Pyralidae: Epipaschiinae 5575-5621
Pyralidae: Galleriinae 5622-5650
Pyralidae: Phycitinae 5651-6075       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Thyrididae 6076-6087       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Hyblaeidae 6088
Pterophoridae 6089-6234       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Thyatiridae 6235-6250       Fast     Slow     Spread  
Drepanidae 6251-6256

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