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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

North American Moths – Tortricidae: Tortricinae - Tortricini
111 species records
3501Acleris forsskaleanaMaple Leaftier Moth
3502Acleris albicomanaRed-edged Acleris Moth
3503Acleris semipurpuranaOak Leaftier Moth
3504Acleris curvalanaBlueberry Leaftier Moth
3505Acleris holmianaGolden Leafroller Moth
3506Acleris macdunnoughi
3507Acleris comarianaStrawberry Tortrix Moth
3508Acleris caliginosana
3509Acleris ptychogrammos
3510Acleris nivisellanaSnowy-shouldered Acleris Moth
3511Acleris rhombanaRhomboid Tortrix Moth
3512Acleris notana
3514Acleris cervinana
3515Acleris santacrucis
3516Acleris comandrana
3517Acleris subnivana
3518Acleris braunana
3519Acleris kearfottana
3520Acleris fuscanaSmall Aspen Leaftier Moth
3521Acleris semiannula
3521.1Acleris stadiana
3521.2Acleris ferrugana
3522Acleris implexana
3523Acleris cornana
3524Acleris simpliciana
3525Acleris forbesanaForbes' Acleris Moth
3526Acleris negundanaSpeckled Acleris Moth
3527Acleris schallerianaSchaller's Acleris Moth
3528Acleris okanagana
3529Acleris oxycoccana
3530Acleris varieganaGarden Rose Tortrix Moth
3531Acleris hastiana
3532Acleris fragariana
3533Acleris celiana
3534Acleris arcticana
3535Acleris keiferi
3536Acleris robinsonianaRobinson's Acleris Moth
3537Acleris britanniaBrittania Moth
3538Acleris klotsi
3539Acleris chalybeanaLesser Maple Leafroller Moth
3540Acleris logianaBlack-headed Birch Leaffolder Moth
3541Acleris senescens
3542Acleris flavivittanaMultiform Leafroller Moth
3543Acleris maculidorsanaStained-back Leafroller Moth
3544Acleris clarkei
3545Acleris minutaYellowheaded Fireworm Moth
3546Acleris paracinderella
3547Acleris gloveranusWestern Black-headed Budworm Moth
3548Acleris varianaEastern Black-headed Budworm Moth
3549Acleris maccana
3550Acleris youngana
3551Acleris inana
3552Acleris scabranaGray Rough-wing Moth
3553Acleris bowmanana
3554Acleris aenigmana
3555Acleris lipsiana
3556Acleris nigrolinea
3557Acleris maximana
3558Acleris busckana
3559Acleris effractanaHook-winged Tortrix Moth
3560Acleris foliana
3561Acleris hudsoniana
3562Acleris incognita
3563Acleris capizziana
3563.97Acleris sp.Unidentified Acleris Moths
3564Apotoforma rotundipennis
3564.1Tinacrucis noroesta
3565Eulia ministranaFerruginous Eulia Moth
3566Cnephasia longanaOmnivorous Leaftier Moth
3567Cnephasia asseclana
3567.1Cnephasia stephensianaGray Tortrix Moth
3568Eana argentana
3569Eana georgiella
3570Eana osseanaEana Grass Tortrix Moth
3572Eana idahoensis
3573Decodes basiplagana
3574Decodes fragariana
3575Decodes montanus
3576Decodes lundgreni
3576.1Decodes catherinae
3576.2Decodes macswaini
3576.3Decodes stevensi
3577Decodes bicolor
3578Decodes johnstoni
3579Decodes aneuretus
3579.1Decodes helix
3580Decodes horariana
3580.1Decodes macdunnoughi
3580.2Decodes tahoense
3580.3Decodes asapheus
3580.4Decodes opleri
3580.5Decodes tonto
3581Dorithia semicirculana
3582Dorithia peroneana
3582.1Dorithia trigonana
3582.2Cuproxena minimana
3583Anopina triangulana
3584Anopina ednana
3584.1Anopina internacionana
3584.2Anopina hermana
3585Anopina eleonora
3586Anopina arizonana
3587Anopina silvertonana
3587.1Anopina chiricahuae
3587.2Anopina wrighti
3588Anopina ainslieana
3589Apotomops wellingtoniana
3589.1Apotomops texasana
3590Acroplectis haemanthes
3591Neoeulia dorsistriatana
3591.1Bonagota arizonae

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