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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

North American Moths – Tortricidae: Olethreutinae - Grapholitini
126 species records
3400Goditha bumeliana
3400.1Riculorampha ancyloides
3404Dichrorampha simulana
3406Dichrorampha bittana
3407Dichrorampha incanana
3408Dichrorampha vancouveranaTanacetum Root Moth
3409Dichrorampha radicicolana
3410Dichrorampha banana
3411Dichrorampha piperana
3412Dichrorampha sedatana
3412.1Dichrorampha acuminatana
3412.2Dichrorampha aeratana
3413Dichrorampha dana
3414Dichrorampha leopardana
3414.1Dichrorampha sapodillaSapodilla Pod Borer
3414.2Dichrorampha manilkara
3414.3Dichrorampha broui
3414.4Dichrorampha petiverella
3414.5Dichrorampha odorata
3414.6Dichrorampha montanana
3414.8Dichrorampha flinti
3414.97Dichrorampha sp.Unidentified Dichroramphas
3415Satronia tantillaSouthern Pine Catkinworm Moth
3416Ricula maculana
3417Talponia plummerianaSpeckled Talponia
3418Pammene ocliferia
3419Pammene felicitana
3421Pammene paula
3422Pammene bowmanana
3422.1Pammene medioalbana
3423Larisa subsolana
3424Ethelgoda texanana
3424.97Ethelgoda n. sp.Undescribed Ethelgoda sp.
3425Sereda tautanaSpeckled Sereda
3426Grapholita molestaOriental Fruit Moth
3427Grapholita libertina
3428Grapholita packardiCherry Fruitworm Moth
3429Grapholita prunivoraLesser Appleworm Moth
3430Grapholita angleseana
3431Grapholita caeruleana
3432Grapholita boulderana
3433Grapholita vitrana
3434Grapholita fana
3435Grapholita conversana
3436Grapholita imitativa
3437Grapholita lunatana
3438Grapholita eclipsanaSolidago Root Moth
3438.1Grapholita orbexilana
3438.2Grapholita thermopsidis
3439Grapholita interstinctanaClover Head Caterpillar Moth
3440Grapholita edwardsiana
3441Grapholita lana
3441.1Grapholita hieroglyphana
3442Grapholita dyarana
3443Grapholita tristriganaThree-lined Grapholita
3443.1Grapholita delineanaEurasian Hemp Moth
3443.2Grapholita aureolana
3443.97Grapholita sp.Unidentified Grapholitas
3444Ofatulena duodecemstriata
3445Ofatulena luminosa
3446Corticivora clarki
3446.1Corticivora chica
3446.2Corticivora parva
3447Cydia coniferana
3448Cydia bracteatana
3448.2Cydia marita
3448.3Cydia timara
3449Cydia laricana
3449.1Cydia nigriargentis
3450Cydia rana
3452Cydia inopiosa
3453Cydia confusana
3454Cydia obnisa
3455.1Cydia phyllisi
3456Cydia larimana
3457Cydia garacana
3458Cydia membrosa
3459Cydia multilineana
3460Cydia ingrata
3461Cydia albimaculanaWhite-marked Cydia
3462Cydia palmetum
3463Cydia populana
3464Cydia lacustrina
3465Cydia flexiloqua
3466Cydia youngana
3467Cydia nigricanaPea Moth
3468Pammene perstructana
3469Cydia candana
3470Cydia grandicula
3471Cydia caryanaHickory Shuckworm Moth
3472Cydia fletcheranaFletcher's Cydia
3473Cydia pseudotsugae
3474Cydia tana
3475Cydia cupressana
3476Cydia prosperana
3477Cydia costastrigulana
3478Cydia leucobasis
3479Cydia gallaesalicianaWillow Gall Moth
3480Cydia lautiuscula
3481Cydia americana
3482Cydia fahlbergiana
3483Cydia ninana
3484Cydia colorana
3485Cydia erotella
3486Cydia toreutaEastern Pine Seedworm Moth
3487Cydia ingensLongleaf Pine Seedworm Moth
3488Cydia anaranjadaSlash Pine Seedworm Moth
3489Cydia piperanaPonderosa Pine Seedworm Moth
3489.1Cydia montezuma
3490Cydia miscitata
3490.1Cydia latisigna
3491Cydia injectiva
3492Cydia pomonellaCodling Moth
3493Cydia saltitansJumping Bean Moth
3493.1Cydia largo
3494Cydia latiferreanaFilbertworm Moth
3494.1Cydia cornucopiae
3495Gymnandrosoma punctidiscanumDotted Ecdytolopha Moth
3495.1Ecdytolopha coloradana
3495.2Ecdytolopha occidentana
3495.3Ecdytolopha nigrita
3496Gymnandrosoma desotanum
3497Ecdytolopha insiticianaLocust Twig Borer
3498Ecdytolopha mana
3500Pseudogalleria inimicellaInimical Borer
3500.5Coniostola isabelae

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