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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

North American Moths – Saturniidae
90 species records
7704Eacles imperialisImperial Moth
7705Eacles oslariOslar's Imperial Moth
7706Citheronia regalisRegal Moth
7706.1Citheronia phoronea
7707Citheronia splendens
7708Citheronia sepulcralisPine Devil Moth
7709Syssphinx bicolorHoney Locust Moth
7709.1Syssphinx tamaulipasiana
7710Syssphinx heiligbrodti
7711Syssphinx hubbardi
7712Syssphinx bisectaBisected Honey Locust Moth
7713Syssphinx blanchardi
7713.1Syssphinx montana
7714Syssphinx albolineata
7714.1Syssphinx raspa
7714.2Adeloneivaia isara
7715Dryocampa rubicundaRosy Maple Moth
7716Anisota stigmaSpiny Oakworm Moth
7717Anisota manitobensisManitoba Oakworm Moth
7717.1Anisota fuscosa
7718Anisota consularisConsular Oakworm Moth
7719Anisota senatoriaOrange-tipped Oakworm Moth
7720Anisota peigleriPeigler's Oakworm Moth
7721Anisota finlaysoniFinlayson's Oakworm Moth
7722Anisota oslariOslar's Oakworm Moth
7723Anisota virginiensisPink-striped Oakworm Moth
7723.1Anisota pellucidaClear Oakworm Moth
7723.2Anisota discolor
7724Coloradia pandoraPandora Pinemoth
7725Coloradia dorisDoris' Pinemoth
7725.1Coloradia duffneri
7725.2Coloradia siriae
7726Coloradia luskiLusk's Pine Moth
7726.1Coloradia velda
7727Hemileuca tricolorTricolor Buck Moth
7728Hemileuca hualapaiHualapai Buckmoth
7729Hemileuca oliviae
7730Hemileuca maiaBuck Moth
7730.1Hemileuca n. sp.Port Arthur Buck Moth
7731Hemileuca nevadensisNevada Buck Moth
7731.1Hemileuca artemis
7732Hemileuca lucinaNew England Buck Moth
7733Hemileuca groteiGrote's Buck Moth
7734Hemileuca grotei diana
7735Hemileuca junoJuno Buck Moth
7736Hemileuca electra
7737Hemileuca burnsi
7738Hemileuca neumoegeni
7739Hemileuca chinatiensis
7740Hemileuca griffiniGriffin's Sheepmoth
7741Hemileuca heraHera Buckmoth
7742Hemileuca magnifica
7743Hemileuca nuttalli
7744Hemileuca eglanterinaElegant Sheepmoth
7744.3Hemileuca peigleri
7744.4Hemileuca slosseri
7744.5Hemileuca stonei
7744.97Hemileuca sp.
7745Automeris randa
7746Automeris ioIo Moth
7747Automeris hesselorum
7748Automeris cecrops
7749Automeris zephyriaZephyr-eyed Silkmoth
7749.1Automeris louisiana
7749.2Automeris patagoniensis
7750Hylesia coinopus
7751Calosaturnia mendocino
7752Calosaturnia walterorum
7753Calosaturnia albofasciataWhite-streaked Saturnia Moth
7754Agapema galbinaGreasewood Moth
7754.1Agapema anonaMexican Agapema
7754.2Agapema dyari
7754.3Agapema anona platensis
7756Agapema homogena
7757Antheraea polyphemusPolyphemus Moth
7757.1Antheraea oculeaWestern Polyphemus Moth
7758Actias lunaLuna Moth
7758.5Copaxa mannana
7759Samia cynthiaAilanthus Silkmoth
7760Rothschildia cinctus
7761Rothschildia forbesiForbes' Silkmoth
7762Rothschildia orizabaOrizaba Silkmoth
7763Eupackardia calletaCalleta Silkmoth
7764Callosamia prometheaPromethea Moth
7765Callosamia anguliferaTulip-tree Silkmoth
7766Callosamia securiferaSweetbay Silkmoth
7767Hyalophora cecropiaCecropia Moth
7768Hyalophora columbiaColumbia Silkmoth
7769Hyalophora gloveriGlover's Silkmoth
7770Hyalophora euryalusCeanothus Silkmoth

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