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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by C. Van Den Broeke – Lincoln, Nebraska
Prodoxus quinquepunctella
0200Prodoxus quinquepunctella
Prodoxus quinquepunctella
0200Prodoxus quinquepunctella
Bedellia somnulentella
0466Bedellia somnulentella
Morning-glory Leafminer Moth
Exaeretia gracilis
0902Exaeretia gracilis
Ethmia monachella
0965Ethmia monachella
Ethmia prattiella
1007Ethmia prattiella
Brymblia quadrimaculella
1055Brymblia quadrimaculella
Duospina trichella
1420Duospina trichella
Prolita dialis
1885Prolita dialis
Dichomeris georgiella
2277Dichomeris georgiella
Plutella sp.
2366.97Plutella sp.
Unidentified Plutella Moths
Plutella sp.
2366.97Plutella sp.
Unidentified Plutella Moths
Pelochrista ridingsana
3014Pelochrista ridingsana
Snakeweed Borer Moth
Pelochrista comatulana
3041Pelochrista comatulana
Pelochrista albiguttana
3043Pelochrista albiguttana
Pelochrista salaciana
3148.1Pelochrista salaciana
Pelochrista salaciana
3148.1Pelochrista salaciana
Hystrichophora vestaliana
3399Hystrichophora vestaliana
Corticivora parva
3446.2Corticivora parva
Acleris semiannula
3521Acleris semiannula
Sparganothis striata
3709Sparganothis striata
Phalonidia ontariana
3809Phalonidia ontariana
Harrisina metallica
4623Harrisina metallica
Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer Moth
Metaxmeste nubicola
4816Metaxmeste nubicola
Metaxmeste nubicola
4816Metaxmeste nubicola
Metaxmeste nubicola
4816Metaxmeste nubicola
Hahncappsia pergilvalis
4968Hahncappsia pergilvalis
Pyrausta nexalis
5019Pyrausta nexalis
Fulvous-edged Pyrausta Moth

Palpita atrisquamalis
5220Palpita atrisquamalis
Gracile Palpita Moth
Leptosteges parthenialis
5303Leptosteges parthenialis
Leptosteges vestaliella
5306Leptosteges vestaliella
Thaumatopsis pexellus
5439Thaumatopsis pexellus
Woolly Grass-veneer Moth
Thaumatopsis pectinifer
5447Thaumatopsis pectinifer
Pococera militella
5604Pococera militella
Sycamore Webworm Moth
Elasmopalpus lignosellus
5896Elasmopalpus lignosellus
Lesser Cornstalk Borer Moth
Baphala pallida
5965Baphala pallida
Baphala pallida
5965Baphala pallida
Peoria bipartitella
6043Peoria bipartitella
Eumacaria madopata
6272Eumacaria madopata
Brown-bordered Geometer Moth
Epelis truncataria
6321Epelis truncataria
Black-banded Orange Moth
Digrammia ocellinata
6386Digrammia ocellinata
Faint-spotted Angle Moth
Digrammia gnophosaria
6405Digrammia gnophosaria
Hollow-spotted Angle Moth
Stenoporpia macdunnoughi
6470Stenoporpia macdunnoughi
Glaucina interruptaria
6502Glaucina interruptaria
Anavitrinella pampinaria
6590Anavitrinella pampinaria
Common Gray Moth
Cleora projecta
6595Cleora projecta
Projecta Gray Moth
Mericisca gracea
6605Mericisca gracea
Caripeta aretaria
6869Caripeta aretaria
Southern Pine Looper Moth
Idaea productata
7112Idaea productata
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