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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Bob Martin – Helena, Montana
Sonia vovana
3220Sonia vovana
Proteoteras obnigrana
3237Proteoteras obnigrana
Zeiraphera unfortunana
3243Zeiraphera unfortunana
Epinotia solicitana
3304Epinotia solicitana
Epinotia medioplagata
3344Epinotia medioplagata
Ancylis unguicella
3382Ancylis unguicella
Pammene ocliferia
3418Pammene ocliferia
Choristoneura lambertiana
3644Choristoneura lambertiana
Cochylichroa arthuri
3766Cochylichroa arthuri
Henricus infernalis
3799Henricus infernalis
Phtheochroa aureoalbida
3811Phtheochroa aureoalbida
Phtheochroa vulneratana of authors
3826Phtheochroa vulneratana of authors
Thaumatopsis pexellus
5439Thaumatopsis pexellus
Thaumatopsis fernaldella
5441Thaumatopsis fernaldella
Hypsopygia cohortalis
5528Hypsopygia cohortalis
Catastia actualis
5764Catastia actualis
Telethusia ovalis
5812Telethusia ovalis
Sarata edwardsialis
5865Sarata edwardsialis
Homoeosoma illuviella
5939Homoeosoma illuviella

Rostrolaetilia placidissima
5956Rostrolaetilia placidissima
Rostrolaetilia placidissima
5956Rostrolaetilia placidissima
Rostrolaetilia placidissima
5956Rostrolaetilia placidissima
Rostrolaetilia placidissima
5956Rostrolaetilia placidissima
Melitara subumbrella
5973Melitara subumbrella
Oxyptilus delawaricus
6097Oxyptilus delawaricus
Macaria occiduaria
6279Macaria occiduaria
Macaria occiduaria
6279Macaria occiduaria
Macaria brunneata
6286Macaria brunneata
Macaria coloradensis
6289Macaria coloradensis
Macaria denticulodes
6305Macaria denticulodes
Macaria decorata
6306Macaria decorata
Digrammia terramalata
6372.1Digrammia terramalata
Digrammia decorata
6389Digrammia decorata
Digrammia rippertaria
6394Digrammia rippertaria
Stenoporpia polygrammaria
6459Stenoporpia polygrammaria
Ixala desperaria
6695Ixala desperaria
Sicya macularia
6912Sicya macularia
Scopula luteolata
7170Scopula luteolata
Thera latens
7220Thera latens
Hydriomena expurgata
7224Hydriomena expurgata
Hydriomena macdunnoughi
7255Hydriomena macdunnoughi
Entephria multivagata
7301Entephria multivagata
Spargania viridescens
7309Spargania viridescens
Stamnodes watsoni
7365Stamnodes watsoni
Stamnodes watsoni
7365Stamnodes watsoni
Xanthorhoe macdunnoughi
7372Xanthorhoe macdunnoughi
Zenophleps alpinata
7408Zenophleps alpinata
Eupithecia albimontanata
7452Eupithecia albimontanata
Eupithecia gelidata
7538Eupithecia gelidata
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