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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Bob Martin – Helena, Montana
Exaeretia nivalis
0906Exaeretia nivalis
Elachista dagnirella
1088.6Elachista dagnirella
Coleotechnites milleri
1821Coleotechnites milleri
Lodgepole Needleminer Moth
Coleotechnites occidentis
1825Coleotechnites occidentis
Taygete decemmaculella
1844Taygete decemmaculella
Neotelphusa praefixa
1865Neotelphusa praefixa
Neotelphusa querciella
1866Neotelphusa querciella
Prolita recens
1896Prolita recens
Sriferia oxymeris
1921Sriferia oxymeris
Gelechia bianulella
1933Gelechia bianulella
Gnorimoschema octomaculella
1995Gnorimoschema octomaculella
Chionodes abitus
2061.2Chionodes abitus
Chionodes kincaidella
2086Chionodes kincaidella
Chionodes messor
2121.2Chionodes messor
Chionodes whitmanella
2124Chionodes whitmanella
Ypsolopha flavistrigella
2381Ypsolopha flavistrigella
Ypsolopha schwarziella
2393Ypsolopha schwarziella
Acrolepiopsis californica
2490.2Acrolepiopsis californica
Caloreas apocynoglossa
2634Caloreas apocynoglossa
Endothenia rubipunctana
2734Endothenia rubipunctana
Rhyacionia fumosana
2881Rhyacionia fumosana
Barbara colfaxiana
2903Barbara colfaxiana
Douglas-Fir Cone Moth
Eucosma tarandana
2956Eucosma tarandana
Eucosma nepotinana
2957Eucosma nepotinana
Eucosma crassana
2966Eucosma crassana
Eucosma artemisiana
2984Eucosma artemisiana
Eucosma segregata
2991Eucosma segregata
Eucosma montanana
2994Eucosma montanana
Pelochrista ragonoti
3030Pelochrista ragonoti
Pelochrista serpentana
3031Pelochrista serpentana
Pelochrista serpentana
3031Pelochrista serpentana
Pelochrista serpentana
3031Pelochrista serpentana
Pelochrista morrisoni
3035Pelochrista morrisoni
Pelochrista agricolana
3037Pelochrista agricolana
Pelochrista albiguttana
3043Pelochrista albiguttana
Eucosma monogrammana
3046Eucosma monogrammana
Pelochrista invicta
3083Pelochrista invicta
Pelochrista totana
3089Pelochrista totana
Pelochrista mediostriata
3104Pelochrista mediostriata
Pelochrista biquadrana
3137Pelochrista biquadrana
Pelochrista argenteana
3149Pelochrista argenteana
Pelochrista argenteana
3149Pelochrista argenteana
Pelochrista popana
3154Pelochrista popana
Pelochrista daemonicana
3155Pelochrista daemonicana
Pelochrista daemonicana
3155Pelochrista daemonicana
Pelochrista corosana
3162Pelochrista corosana
Sonia vovana
3220Sonia vovana
Proteoteras obnigrana
3237Proteoteras obnigrana
Zeiraphera unfortunana
3243Zeiraphera unfortunana
Purple-Striped Shootworm Moth
Epinotia solicitana
3304Epinotia solicitana
Birch Shoot Borer Moth
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