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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

North American Moths – Noctuidae: Heliothinae  (moths, butterflies, specimens not identified to species)
161 species records
11055Derrima stellataPink Star Moth
11056Microhelia angelica
11058Heliothodes diminutivaSmall Heliothodes
11061Baptarma felicita
11062Eutricopis nexilisWhite-spotted Midget
11063Pyrrhia ciliscaBordered Sallow
11064Pyrrhia exprimensPurple-Lined Sallow
11065Pyrrhia aurantiagoOrange Sallow
11066Psectrotarsia suavis
11067Psectrotarsia hebardi
11068Helicoverpa zeaCorn Earworm
11070Chloridea subflexaSubflexus Straw Moth
11071Chloridea virescensTobacco Budworm
11072Heliothis phloxiphagaDarker Spotted Straw Moth
11072.1Heliothis acesias
11072.2Heliothis australis
11073Heliocheilus turbataSpotted Straw Moth
11073.1Heliocheilus lupatusLupatus Straw Moth
11074Heliocheilus paradoxusParadoxical Grass Moth
11075Heliocheilus julia
11076Heliocheilus toralis
11077Heliothis ononisFlax Bollworm
11078Heliothis oregonicaOregon Gem Moth
11079Heliothis proruptus
11080Heliothis belladonna
11081Heliothis borealis
11082Protoschinia nuchalis
11083Schinia villosa
11083.1Schinia sexata
11083.2Schinia intermontana
11086Schinia graefiana
11087Schinia vacciniae
11088Schinia suetus
11088.1Schinia aetheria
11088.2Schinia amblys
11089Schinia aurantiaca
11090Schinia amaryllis
11091Schinia perminutaWestern Small Flower Moth
11092Schinia roseitincta
11093Schinia antonio
11094Schinia carminatra
11095Schinia indianaPhlox Moth
11096Schinia scarletina
11097Schinia pulchripennis
11098Schinia scissa
11099Schinia scissoidesDivided Flower Moth
11100Schinia avemensis
11100.81Schinia n. sp. 1
11100.96Schinia nr. avemensis
11101Schinia dobla
11102Schinia honesta
11102.1Schinia verna
11103Schinia persimilis
11103.1Schinia macneilli
11104Schinia spinosaeSpinose Flower Moth
11104.1Schinia subspinosae
11105Schinia binaBina Flower Moth
11106Schinia volupiaPainted Schinia
11107Schinia fulleri
11107.1Schinia sanrafaeli
11110Schinia septentrionalisNorthern Flower Moth
11112Schinia sordidusSordid Flower Moth
11113Schinia petulans
11115Schinia sirenAlluring Schinia
11115.1Schinia varix
11116Schinia tuberculumGolden Aster Flower Moth
11116.1Schinia rufipenna
11117Schinia lynxLynx Flower Moth
11118Schinia obscurataErigeron Flower Moth
11120Schinia parmeliana
11122Schinia bicuspida
11124Schinia errans
11125Schinia biforma
11127Schinia ultima
11128Schinia arcigeraArcigera Flower Moth
11130Schinia olivacea
11131Schinia mortua
11132Schinia jaguarinaJaguar Flower Moth
11132.01Schinia nr. jaguarina
11132.1Schinia hardwickorum
11133Schinia edwardsii
11133.1Schinia angulilinea
11134Schinia cupes
11134.1Schinia crotchii
11134.2Schinia deserticola
11134.3Schinia mexicana
11134.4Schinia carrizoensisCarrizo Flower Moth
11135Schinia rivulosaRagweed Flower Moth
11136Schinia hanga
11137Schinia nubilaCamphorweed Flower Moth
11140Schinia saturataBrown Flower Moth
11140.1Schinia psamathea
11141Schinia thoreauiThoreau's Flower Moth
11146Schinia buta
11147Schinia gracilentaSlender Flower Moth
11148Schinia oleagina
11148.1Schinia grandimedia
11149Schinia trifasciaThree-lined Flower Moth
11150Schinia accessa
11150.1Schinia acutilinea
11151Schinia sexplagiata
11152Schinia tobia
11153Schinia velaris
11155Schinia minianaDesert Marigold Moth
11157Schinia biundulata
11157.1Schinia immaculata
11159Schinia intrabilis
11160Schinia ligeae
11161Schinia jaegeri
11162Schinia simplex
11163Schinia felicitata
11163.1Schinia lynda
11164Schinia floridaPrimrose Moth
11166Schinia regia
11166.1Schinia reginaReginia Primrose Moth
11167Schinia niveicosta
11168Schinia gauraeClouded Crimson Moth
11169Schinia mitis
11170Schinia illustra
11173Schinia sanguineaBleeding Flower Moth
11173.1Schinia carmosina
11174Schinia lucensLeadplant Flower Moth
11175Schinia meadiMead's Flower Moth
11176Schinia zuni
11177Schinia nundinaGoldenrod Flower Moth
11178Schinia arefactaArefacta Flower Moth
11179Schinia tertia
11180Schinia argentifascia
11181Schinia albafascia
11181.1Schinia ferrisi
11182Schinia brunnea
11182.1Schinia erosa
11183Schinia diffusa
11184Schinia walsinghami
11184.1Schinia poguei
11185Schinia crenilineaCreniline Flower Moth
11187Schinia coercita
11188Schinia unimaculaRabbitbush Flower Moth
11188.1Schinia maculata
11192Schinia cumatilis
11193Schinia hulstiaHulst's Flower Moth
11195Schinia reniformis
11196Schinia obliqua
11197Schinia oculata
11198Schinia alencis
11199Schinia chrysellusChrysellus Flower Moth
11199.1Schinia chryselloides
11200Schinia ciliata
11200.1Schinia rufocostulata
11201Schinia bimatris
11202Schinia carolinensis
11203Schinia luxa
11204Schinia citrinellus
11204.2Schinia mcfarlandi
11206Schinia snowi
11207Heliolonche modicella
11208Heliolonche carolus
11209Heliolonche celeris
11210Heliolonche pictipennis
11210.1Heliolonche joaquinensis
11212Melaporphyria immortua

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