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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

North American Moths – Pterophoridae  (moths, butterflies, specimens not identified to species)
174 species records
6089Agdistis americanaSea-heath Plume Moth
6090Sphenarches ontarioGrape Flower Plume Moth
6090.1Sphenarches anisodactylusFire-flag Plume Moth
6090.2Leptodeuterocopus neales
              Everglades Plume Moth
6091Geina periscelidactylusGrape Plume Moth
6091.1Geina sheppardiSheppard's Plume Moth
6092Geina tenuidactylusHimmelmanís Plume Moth
6093Geina busckiBusckís Plume Moth
6094Capperia ningorisHedgenettle Plume Moth
6095Capperia evansiEvans's Plume Moth
6096Capperia raptorPineywoods Geranium Plume Moth
6097Oxyptilus delawaricusHawkweed Plume Moth
6097.1Oxyptilus eleaneraeEleanerís Plume Moth
6098Buckleria parvulusSundew Plume Moth
6099Trichoptilus potentellusHorkelia Plume Moth
6099.1Exelastis pumilioDwarf Plume Moth
6099.2Exelastis rhynchosiaeSnout-bean Plume Moth
6099.3Exelastis montischristi
              Monte Christi Plume Moth
6099.4Exelastis dowiDow's Plume Moth
6100Dejongia californicusGumweed Plume Moth
6101Trichoptilus pygmaeusPygmy Plume Moth
6102Dejongia lobidactylusLobed Plume Moth
6102.99Dejongia sp.
6103Michaelophorus indentatusHourglass Plume Moth
6104Megalorhipida leucodactylus
              Spiderling Plume Moth
6105Cnaemidophorus rhododactyla
              Rose Plume Moth
6106Platyptilia tesseradactylaPussytoes Plume Moth
6107Gillmeria pallidactylaYarrow Plume Moth
6108Platyptilia johnstoniJohnston's Plume Moth
6109Platyptilia carduidactylusArtichoke Plume Moth
6110Platyptilia percnodactylusAquiline Plume Moth
6111Platyptilia comstockiComstock's Plume Moth
6112Platyptilia williamsiiCalendula Plume Moth
6113Platyptilia arduaLofty Plume Moth
6114Platyptilia washburnensisMt. Washburn Plume Moth
6115Platyptilia albicansWhite-banded Plume Moth
6116Gillmeria albertaeAlberta Pale Plume Moth
6117Anstenoptilia marmarodactylaSage Plume Moth
6118Amblyptilia picaGeranium Plume Moth
6118.97Amblyptilia sp.Unidentified Amblyptilias
6119Lantanophaga pusillidactylusLantana Plume Moth
6120Lioptilodes albistriolatusMousy Plume Moth
6121.1Stenoptilodes taprobanes
              Sri Lanka Plume Moth
6122Stenoptilodes brevipennisSweet Broom Plume Moth
6123Stenoptilodes antirrhinaSnapdragon Plume Moth
6123.97Stenoptilodes sp.Unidentified Stenoptilodess
6124Paraplatyptilia grandisGrand Plume Moth
6125Paraplatyptilia carolina
              Carolina Plume Moth
6125.1Paraplatyptilia atlantica
              Atlantic Canada Plume Moth
6126Paraplatyptilia immaculata
              Argus Mountains Plume Moth
6127Paraplatyptilia auriga
              False Foxglove Plume Moth
6127.1Paraplatyptilia albuiAlbu's Plume Moth
6127.2Paraplatyptilia glacialisGlacier Plume Moth
6127.3Paraplatyptilia sabouriniSabourin Plume Moth
6127.4Paraplatyptilia watkinsiWatkinsí Plume Moth
6128Paraplatyptilia edwardsiiLousewort Plume Moth
6129Paraplatyptilia baueriBauer's Plume Moth
6130Paraplatyptilia albiciliatus
              White-fringed Plume Moth
6131Paraplatyptilia lutescens
              Ivanpah Mountains Plume Moth
6132Paraplatyptilia albidusPaintbrush Plume Moth
6133Paraplatyptilia shastaeMount Shasta Plume Moth
6134Paraplatyptilia nanaPixie Plume Moth
6135Paraplatyptilia albidorsellus
              White-suffused Plume Moth
6136Paraplatyptilia fragilisBeardtongue Plume Moth
6137Paraplatyptilia maeaBrown-dotted Plume Moth
6138Paraplatyptilia cooleyiCooley's Plume Moth
6139Paraplatyptilia xylopsammaXylopsamma Plume Moth
6140Paraplatyptilia modestusModest Plume Moth
6141Paraplatyptilia bifidaSplit-fronted Plume Moth
6142Paraplatyptilia petrodactylusArctic Plume Moth
6142.97Paraplatyptilia sp.Unidentified Paraplatyptilias
6144Stenoptilia zophodactylus
              Dowdy Plume Moth
6145Stenoptilia pallistriga
              Pale-streaked Plume Moth
6146Stenoptilia mengeliMengel's Plume Moth
6147Amblyptilia bowmaniBowman's Plume Moth
6148Stenoptilia exclamationisExclamatory Plume Moth
6149Stenoptilia coloradensisColorado Plume Moth
6150Stenoptilia columbiaBritish Columbia Plume Moth
6151Stenoptilia grandipunctaLarge-spotted Plume Moth
6153Singularia walsinghamiWalsingham's Plume Moth
6154Pselnophorus belfrageiBelfrage's Plume Moth
6154.1Pselnophorus chihuahuaensis
              Chihuahuan Desert Plume
6154.2Pselnophorus kutisi
              Kutis' Plume Moth
6154.3Pselnophorus hodgesi
              Hodges' Plume Moth
6155Adaina bipunctatusTwo-dotted Plume Moth
6155.1Adaina simpliciusThree-dotted Plume Moth
6156Adaina zephyriaZephyr Plume Moth
6156.1Adaina thomaeSt. Thomas Island Plume
6156.2Adaina perplexusPerplexing Plume Moth
6157Adaina montanusMountain Plume Moth
6158Adaina cinerascensAshy Plume Moth
6158.1Adaina primulaceaSiam Weed Stem-galler
6159Emmelina buscki
              Tropical Morning Glory Plume Moth
6160Adaina ambrosiaeRagweed Plume Moth
6160.1Adaina ipomoeaePork Vine Plume Moth
6161Oidaematophorus occidentalisWestern Plume Moth
6162Oidaematophorus balsamorrhizae
              Balsamroot Plume Moth
6163Oidaematophorus cretidactylusChalky Plume
6164Oidaematophorus downesiDownes's Plume Moth
6165Oidaematophorus guttatusSpeckled Plume Moth
6166Oidaematophorus mathewianusYarrow Leaf Plume Moth
6167Hellinsia fishiiFish's Plume Moth
6168Oidaematophorus eupatoriiEupatorium Plume Moth
6169Oidaematophorus rogenhoferiRogenhofer's Plume Moth
6170Oidaematophorus phaceliaePhacelia Plume Moth
6171Oidaematophorus grisescensWormwood Plume Moth
6172Oidaematophorus cineraceus
              Sagebrush Plume Moth
6173Oidaematophorus rileyiRiley's Plume Moth
6174Oidaematophorus lindseyiLindsey's Plume Moth
6175Oidaematophorus baroniBaron's Plume Moth
6176Oidaematophorus castorCastorís Plume Moth
6176.97Oidaematophorus sp.Unidentified Oidaematophorus
6177Hellinsia polluxPolluxís Plume Moth
6178Hellinsia mizarBrickellbush Plume Moth
6178.1Hellinsia hogueiHogue's Plume Moth
6179Hellinsia meyrickiMeyrick's Plume Moth
6180Hellinsia gratiosusFavored Plume Moth
6181Hellinsia fieldiField's Plume Moth
6182Hellinsia confususConfusing Plume Moth
6183Hellinsia citritesCitrites Plume Moth
6184Hellinsia bruceiBruce's Plume Moth
6185Hellinsia albilobataWhite-lobed Plume Moth
6186Hellinsia inquinatusBlack-marked Plume Moth
6187Hellinsia erosErosí Plume Moth
6188Hellinsia panPanís Plume Moth
6189Hellinsia phoebusEverlasting Plume Moth
6190Hellinsia thorThunder Plume Moth
6191Hellinsia tritonTritonís Plume Moth
6192Hellinsia integratusArizona Plume Moth
6193Hellinsia austerAustere Plume Moth
6194Hellinsia mediusMediocre Plume Moth
6195Hellinsia linusLinusí Plume Moth
6196Hellinsia cadmusCadmusí Plume Moth
6197Hellinsia iobatesIobatesí Plume Moth
6198Hellinsia cochiseCochise Plume Moth
6199Hellinsia aresTrixis Plume Moth
6200Hellinsia tinctusTinged Plume Moth
6201Hellinsia thoracicaBaboquivari Plume Moth
6202Hellinsia helianthiSunflower Plume Moth
6202.1Hellinsia habeckiHabeck's Plume Moth
6203Hellinsia homodactylusPlain Plume Moth
6204Hellinsia elliottiiElliot's Plume Moth
6206Hellinsia pectodactylusStraw-colored Plume Moth
6206.1Oidaematophorus poulini
6207Hellinsia paleaceusIronweed Plume Moth
6208Hellinsia venapunctus
              Lone Star Plume Moth
6209Hellinsia luteolusParadise Plume Moth
6210Hellinsia balanotesBaccharis Borer
6211Hellinsia grandisCoyote Brush Borer
6212Hellinsia kellicottiiGoldenrod Plume Moth
6212.1Hellinsia chloriasChlorias Plume Moth
6213Hellinsia lacteodactylusMilky Plume Moth
6214Hellinsia glenniGlenn's Plume Moth
6215Hellinsia subochraceusSagewort Borer
6216Hellinsia sulphureodactylusSulphur Plume Moth
6217Hellinsia serenusSerene Plume Moth
6219Hellinsia costatusPale-edged Plume Moth
6220Hellinsia falsusDeceptive Plume Moth
6221Hellinsia variusVariable Plume Moth
6222Hellinsia varioidesVarioid Plume Moth
6223Hellinsia corvusPale-yellow Plume Moth
6224Hellinsia perditusLost Plume Moth
6225Hellinsia simplicissimusSimplest Plume Moth
6226Hellinsia unicolor
              Unmarked Plume Moth
6227Hellinsia inconditusDisorderly Plume Moth
6228Hellinsia caudelliCaudell's Plume Moth
6229Hellinsia rigidusRigid-harped Plume Moth
6230Hellinsia contortusTwisted Harpe Plume Moth
6231Hellinsia catalinaeSanta Catalina Island Plume
6232Hellinsia arionLong-harped Plume Moth
6233Hellinsia longifronsSnout Plume Moth
6233.97Hellinsia sp.Unidentified Hellinsias
6234Emmelina monodactyla
              Morning Glory Plume Moth
6234.99Pterophoridae sp.Unidentified Plume Moths

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