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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

North American Moths – Drepanoidea  (moths, butterflies, specimens not identified to species)
21 species records
6235Habrosyne scriptaLettered Habrosyne
6236Habrosyne gloriosaGlorious Habrosyne
6237Pseudothyatira cymatophoroidesTufted Thyatirid Moth
6238Thyatira mexicana
6239Euthyatira lorata
6240Euthyatira pudensDogwood Thyatirid Moth
6241Euthyatira semicircularis
6242Ceranemota improvisa
6243Ceranemota fasciata
6244Ceranemota crumbi
6245Ceranemota semifasciata
6246Ceranemota tearlei
6247Ceranemota partida
6248Ceranemota albertaeAlberta Lutestring Moth
6249Ceranemota amplifascia
6250Bycombia verdugoensis
6251Drepana arcuataArched Hooktip Moth
6252Drepana bilineataTwo-Lined Hooktip Moth
6253Eudeilinia herminiataNorthern Eudeilinea Moth
6254Eudeilinia luteiferaSouthern Eudeilinea Moth
6255Oreta roseaRose Hooktip Moth

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