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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by James Bailey – Edmonton, Alberta
Scythris inspersella
1651Scythris inspersella
Prolita princeps
1894Prolita princeps
Prolita princeps
1894Prolita princeps
Chionodes popa
2108.1Chionodes popa
Neoheliodines hodgesi
2502.5Neoheliodines hodgesi
Choreutis emplecta
2652.01Choreutis emplecta
Givira marga
2669Givira marga
Epinotia medioplagata
3344Epinotia medioplagata
Pyrausta aurea
5045Pyrausta aurea
Mesolia huachucaella
5330Mesolia huachucaella
Crambus perlella
5343Crambus perlella
Immaculate Grass-veneer
Anadelosemia condigna
5729Anadelosemia condigna
Agdistis americana
6089Agdistis americana
Sea-heath Plume Moth
Agdistis americana
6089Agdistis americana
Sea-heath Plume Moth
Stamnodes modocata
7351Stamnodes modocata
Stamnodes modocata
7351Stamnodes modocata
Crambidia casta
8051Crambidia casta
Pearly-winged Lichen Moth
Pharga pallens
8516Pharga pallens
Phoenicophanta modestula
9029Phoenicophanta modestula
Pseudeustrotia carneola
9053Pseudeustrotia carneola
Pink-barred Lithacodia Moth
Acronicta othello
9270Acronicta othello
Cryphia fascia
9288Cryphia fascia
Hydraecia perobliqua
9515Hydraecia perobliqua
Bellura obliqua
9525Bellura obliqua
Cattail Borer
Brachylomia populi
9993Brachylomia populi
Euxoa mimallonis
10738Euxoa mimallonis
Sordid Dart
Abagrotis mirabilis
11019Abagrotis mirabilis
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