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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Bob Martin – Helena, Montana
Eupithecia lafontaineata
7548.1Eupithecia lafontaineata
Eupithecia interruptofasciata
7551Eupithecia interruptofasciata
Eupithecia tenuata
7559Eupithecia tenuata
Cecrita plumosa
7993.1Cecrita plumosa
Cecrita plumosa
7993.1Cecrita plumosa
Spilosoma vagans
8138Spilosoma vagans
Autographa sansoni
8910Autographa sansoni
Acronicta lupini
9275Acronicta lupini

9287"Cryphia" olivacea
Apamea atrosuffusa
9336Apamea atrosuffusa
Apamea unita
9355Apamea unita
Apamea spaldingi
9356Apamea spaldingi
Apamea spaldingi
9356Apamea spaldingi
Eremobina claudens
9396Eremobina claudens
Amphipoea keiferi
9460Amphipoea keiferi
Aseptis fumosa
9527Aseptis fumosa
Enargia fausta
9550.2Enargia fausta
Hyppa brunneicrista
9580Hyppa brunneicrista
Caradrina posticata
9643Caradrina posticata
Caradrina mona
9658Caradrina mona
Acopa perpallida
9826Acopa perpallida
Acopa perpallida
9826Acopa perpallida
Homoglaea carbonaria
9883Homoglaea carbonaria
Lithophane itata
9920Lithophane itata
Fishia yosemitae
9972Fishia yosemitae
Brachylomia elda
9994Brachylomia elda
Brachylomia discolor
10001Brachylomia discolor
Brachylomia discolor
10001Brachylomia discolor
Sympistis anweileri
10055.1Sympistis anweileri
Sympistis tenuifascia
10080Sympistis tenuifascia
Sympistis levis
10093Sympistis levis
Sympistis poliochroa
10094.4Sympistis poliochroa
Sympistis augustus
10096Sympistis augustus
Sympistis umbrifascia
10122Sympistis umbrifascia
Sympistis pallidior
10130.2Sympistis pallidior
Hadenella pergentilis
10221Hadenella pergentilis
Anarta oregonica
10228Anarta oregonica
Anarta alta
10229Anarta alta
Anarta crotchii
10233Anarta crotchii
Anarta fusculenta
10233.1Anarta fusculenta
Scotogramma fervida
10239Scotogramma fervida
Anarta antica
10258Anarta antica
Sideridis artesta
10263Sideridis artesta

10290"Orthodes" obscura
Hadena ectrapela
10321Hadena ectrapela
Hadena circumvadis
10322Hadena circumvadis
Hadena circumvadis
10322Hadena circumvadis
Egira variabilis
10504Egira variabilis
Tholera americana
10523Tholera americana

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