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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Greg Raterman – Orient, Ohio
Leucanopsis longa
8217Leucanopsis longa
Long-streaked Tussock Moth
Pareuchaetes insulata
8227Pareuchaetes insulata
Yellow-winged Pareuchaetes Moth
Dasychira meridionalis
8298Dasychira meridionalis
Southern Tussock Moth
Phalaenophana pyramusalis
8338Phalaenophana pyramusalis
Dark-banded Owlet Moth
Redectis pygmaea
8400Redectis pygmaea
Pygmy Redectis Moth
Oxycilla malaca
8407Oxycilla malaca
Bent-lined Tan Moth
Sigela brauneata
8432Sigela brauneata
n. gen. & sp.
8435.97n. gen. & sp.
New Gen. & Sp. nr. Sigela
Hypena ramstadtii
8442.1Hypena ramstadtii
Hypena appalachiensis
8447.1Hypena appalachiensis
Athyrma adjutrix
8583Athyrma adjutrix
Zale duplicata
8703Zale duplicata
Pine False Looper Moth
Cutina distincta
8729Cutina distincta
Distinguished Cypress Owlet Moth
Caenurgina erechtea
8739Caenurgina erechtea
Forage Looper Moth
Ptichodis pacalis
8752Ptichodis pacalis
Catocala angusi
8783Catocala angusi
Angus' Underwing Moth
Catocala desdemona
8835.1Catocala desdemona
Allagrapha aerea
8898Allagrapha aerea
Unspotted Looper Moth
Collomena inflexa
8982Collomena inflexa
Collomena inflexa
8982Collomena inflexa
Tripudia flavofasciata
9009Tripudia flavofasciata
Oruza albocostaliata
9025Oruza albocostaliata
White Edge Moth
Araeopteron vilhelmina
9081Araeopteron vilhelmina
Araeopteron vilhelmina
9081Araeopteron vilhelmina
Acronicta vinnula
9225Acronicta vinnula
Delightful Dagger
Acronicta laetifica
9227Acronicta laetifica
Pleasant Dagger
Acronicta modica
9244Acronicta modica
Hesitant Dagger
Meropleon ambifusca
9428Meropleon ambifusca
Papaipema nebris
9496Papaipema nebris
Stalk Borer Moth
Bellura gortynoides
9523Bellura gortynoides
White-tailed Diver Moth
Fagitana littera
9629Fagitana littera
Marsh Fern Moth
Phuphena tura
9634Phuphena tura
Chalcopasta howardi
9776Chalcopasta howardi
Lithophane viridipallens
9905Lithophane viridipallens
Pale Green Pinion Moth
Psaphida electilis
10012Psaphida electilis
Chosen Sallow Moth
Derrima stellata
11055Derrima stellata
Pink Star Moth
Derrima stellata
11055Derrima stellata
Pink Star Moth
Schinia mexicana
11134.3Schinia mexicana
Schinia mexicana
11134.3Schinia mexicana
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