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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Greg Raterman – Orient, Ohio
Diacme phyllisalis
5144Diacme phyllisalis
Nacoleia charesalis
5178.5Nacoleia charesalis
Blepharomastix haedulalis
5186Blepharomastix haedulalis
Blepharomastix schistisemalis
5191Blepharomastix schistisemalis
Leucochroma corope
5210Leucochroma corope
Salbia tytiusalis
5285Salbia tytiusalis
Microcrambus elegans
5420Microcrambus elegans
Elegant Grass-veneer Moth
Euchromius ocellea
5454Euchromius ocellea
Argyria tripsacas
5463.1Argyria tripsacas
Xubida sp.
5506.97Xubida sp.
Unidentified Xubida Moths
Pococera scortealis
5596Pococera scortealis
Lespedeza Webworm Moth
Pococera subcanalis
5602Pococera subcanalis
Cloaked Pococera Moth
Pococera humerella
5617Pococera humerella
Pococera sp.
5620.97Pococera sp.
Unidentified Pococera Species
Cacotherapia flexilinealis
5642Cacotherapia flexilinealis
Acrobasis demotella
5674Acrobasis demotella
Walnut Shoot Moth
Acrobasis demotella
5674Acrobasis demotella
Walnut Shoot Moth
Zamagiria australella
5737Zamagiria australella
Dioryctria zimmermani
5852Dioryctria zimmermani
Zimmerman Pine Moth
Dioryctria ebeli
5863.4Dioryctria ebeli
South Coastal Coneworm Moth

Eurythmia angulella
6032Eurythmia angulella
Stenoptilodes taprobanes
6121.1Stenoptilodes taprobanes
Eudeilinia luteifera
6254Eudeilinia luteifera
Southern Eudeilinea Moth
Aethalura intertexta
6570Aethalura intertexta
Four-Barred Gray Moth
Iridopsis larvaria
6588Iridopsis larvaria
Bent-line Gray Moth
Euchlaena muzaria
6725Euchlaena muzaria
Muzaria Euchlaena Moth
Euchlaena obtusaria
6726Euchlaena obtusaria
Obtuse Euchlaena Moth
Ceratonyx permagnaria
6779Ceratonyx permagnaria
Ceratonyx permagnaria
6779Ceratonyx permagnaria
Tacparia atropunctata
6806Tacparia atropunctata
Homochlodes lactispargaria
6811Homochlodes lactispargaria
Metarranthis lateritiaria
6829Metarranthis lateritiaria
Nepheloleuca politia
6985Nepheloleuca politia
Nepheloleuca floridata
6986Nepheloleuca floridata
Sericoptera virginaria
6994Sericoptera virginaria
Sericoptera virginaria
6994Sericoptera virginaria
Synchlora cupedinaria
7064Synchlora cupedinaria
Idaea micropterata
7119Idaea micropterata
Timandra amaturaria
7147Timandra amaturaria
Cross-lined Wave Moth
Rheumaptera hastata
7293Rheumaptera hastata
Spear-Marked Black Moth
Eupithecia jejunata
7486Eupithecia jejunata
Apatelodes pudefacta
7664Apatelodes pudefacta
Phyllodesma occidentis
7686Phyllodesma occidentis
Southern Lappet Moth
Dasylophia anguina
7957Dasylophia anguina
Black-spotted Prominent
Schizura ipomaeae
8005Schizura ipomaeae
Morning-glory Prominent
Hyparpax perophoroides
8026Hyparpax perophoroides
Bruceia pulverina
8094Bruceia pulverina
Virbia immaculata
8124Virbia immaculata
Immaculate Holomelina Moth
Lophocampa maculata
8214Lophocampa maculata
Spotted Tussock Moth
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