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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Gary J. Goss – Hobe Sound, Florida
Acrolophus spilotus
0382.1Acrolophus spilotus
Oiketicus abbotii
0454Oiketicus abbotii
Abbot's Bagworm Moth
Autosticha kyotensis
1010.1Autosticha kyotensis
Kyoto Moth (Introduced, Japan)
Antaeotricha floridella
1024.1Antaeotricha floridella
Menestomorpha kimballi
1029Menestomorpha kimballi
Taygete gallaegenitella
1845Taygete gallaegenitella
Chionodes ceryx
2067.1Chionodes ceryx
Chionodes ceryx
2067.1Chionodes ceryx
Aroga trialbamaculella
2198Aroga trialbamaculella
Red-Striped Fireworm Moth
Dichomeris georgiella
2277Dichomeris georgiella
Tortyra slossonia
2653Tortyra slossonia
Slosson's Metalmark Moth
Givira anna
2668Givira anna
Anna Carpenterworm Moth
Episimus transferrana
2701.2Episimus transferrana
Episimus transferrana
2701.2Episimus transferrana
Cacocharis cymotoma
2704Cacocharis cymotoma
Paralobesia cyclopiana
2727Paralobesia cyclopiana
Zomaria rosaochreana
2751Zomaria rosaochreana
Rhyacionia subtropica
2869Rhyacionia subtropica
Subtropical Pine Tip Moth
Eucosma baggetti
3110.1Eucosma baggetti
Eucosma baggetti
3110.1Eucosma baggetti
Eucosma baggetti
3110.1Eucosma baggetti
Eucosma baggetti
3110.1Eucosma baggetti
Epiblema abruptana
3173Epiblema abruptana
Abrupt Epiblema Moth
Crocidosema longipalpana
3274.2Crocidosema longipalpana
Crocidosema longipalpana
3274.2Crocidosema longipalpana
Cydia palmetum
3462Cydia palmetum
Cydia palmetum
3462Cydia palmetum
Cydia anaranjada
3488Cydia anaranjada
Slash Pine Seedworm Moth
Megalopyge pyxidifera
4642Megalopyge pyxidifera
Yellow Flannel Moth
Monoleuca erectifascia
4689Monoleuca erectifascia
Undulambia striatalis
4740Undulambia striatalis
Undulambia polystichalis
4741Undulambia polystichalis
Leatherleaf Fern Borer Moth
Chrysendeton imitabilis
4746Chrysendeton imitabilis
Parapoynx seminealis
4763Parapoynx seminealis
Floating-heart Waterlilly Moth
Argyractis drumalis
4770Argyractis drumalis
Dichogama amabilis
4791Dichogama amabilis
Neomusotima conspurcatalis
4896.5Neomusotima conspurcatalis
Lygodium Defoliator Moth
Evergestella evincalis
4932Evergestella evincalis
Epicorsia oedipodalis
4938Epicorsia oedipodalis
Diaphantania impulsalis
5114Diaphantania impulsalis
Hydriris ornatalis
5127Hydriris ornatalis
Ornate Hydriris Moth
Samea druchachalis
5152.1Samea druchachalis
Diasemiodes nigralis
5173Diasemiodes nigralis
Penestola simplicialis
5180Penestola simplicialis
Blepharomastix schistisemalis
5191Blepharomastix schistisemalis
Lygropia fusalis
5192Lygropia fusalis
Leucochroma corope
5210Leucochroma corope
Omiodes indicata
5212Omiodes indicata
Bean-leaf Webworm Moth
Omiodes stigmosalis
5214Omiodes stigmosalis
Salbia haemorrhoidalis
5287Salbia haemorrhoidalis
Lantana Leaftier Moth
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