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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Darryl Searcy – Range, Alabama
Argyrotaenia floridana
3599Argyrotaenia floridana
Argyrotaenia floridana
3599Argyrotaenia floridana
Norape ovina
4650Norape ovina
White Flannel Moth
Packardia geminata
4659Packardia geminata
Jeweled Tailed Slug Moth
Euclea delphinii
4697Euclea delphinii
Spiny Oak-slug Moth
Ategumia ebulealis
5158Ategumia ebulealis
Hellinsia balanotes
6210Hellinsia balanotes
Baccharis Borer Plume Moth
Hellinsia balanotes
6210Hellinsia balanotes
Baccharis Borer Plume Moth
Eumacaria madopata
6272Eumacaria madopata
Brown-bordered Geometer Moth
Macaria distribuaria
6336Macaria distribuaria
Southern Chocolate Angle Moth
Macaria minorata
6340Macaria minorata
Minor Angle Moth
Hypomecis umbrosaria
6439Hypomecis umbrosaria
Umber Moth
Episemasia solitaria
6713Episemasia solitaria
Euchlaena madusaria
6731Euchlaena madusaria
Scrub Euchlaena Moth
Euchlaena amoenaria
6733Euchlaena amoenaria
Deep Yellow Euchlaena Moth
Euchlaena amoenaria
6733Euchlaena amoenaria
Deep Yellow Euchlaena Moth
Cepphis armataria
6835Cepphis armataria
Scallop Moth
Nepytia pellucidaria
6909Nepytia pellucidaria
Scopula purata
7158Scopula purata
Chalky Wave Moth
Scopula ordinata
7161Scopula ordinata
Eulithis diversilineata
7196Eulithis diversilineata
Lesser Grapevine Looper Moth
Rheumaptera undulata
7291Rheumaptera undulata
Artace cribrarius
7683Artace cribrarius
Dot-lined White Moth
Malacosoma disstria
7698Malacosoma disstria
Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth
Eacles imperialis
7704Eacles imperialis
Imperial Moth
Citheronia regalis
7706Citheronia regalis
Regal Moth
Citheronia sepulcralis
7708Citheronia sepulcralis
Pine Devil Moth
Dryocampa rubicunda
7715Dryocampa rubicunda
Rosy Maple Moth
Anisota stigma
7716Anisota stigma
Spiny Oakworm Moth
Callosamia promethea
7764Callosamia promethea
Promethea Moth
Manduca jasminearum
7783Manduca jasminearum
Ash Sphinx Moth
Dolba hyloeus
7784Dolba hyloeus
Pawpaw Sphinx Moth
Sphinx kalmiae
7809Sphinx kalmiae
Laurel Sphinx Moth
Lapara coniferarum
7816Lapara coniferarum
Southern Pine Sphinx Moth
Xylophanes tersa
7890Xylophanes tersa
Tersa Sphinx Moth
Datana perspicua
7908Datana perspicua
Spotted Datana Moth
Peridea angulosa
7920Peridea angulosa
Angulose Prominent Moth
Furcula cinerea
7937Furcula cinerea
Gray Furcula Moth
Symmerista albifrons
7951Symmerista albifrons
White-headed Prominent Moth
Heterocampa astarte
7977Heterocampa astarte
Lochmaeus manteo
7998Lochmaeus manteo
Variable Oakleaf Caterpillar Moth
Hyparpax aurora
8022Hyparpax aurora
Pink Prominent Moth
Hyparpax perophoroides
8026Hyparpax perophoroides
Utetheisa ornatrix
8105Utetheisa ornatrix
Ornate Bella Moth
Dasychira tephra
8292Dasychira tephra
Tephra Tussock Moth
Phytometra rhodarialis
8481Phytometra rhodarialis
Pink-Bordered Yellow Moth
Arugisa lutea
8509Arugisa lutea
Common Arugisa Moth
Diphthera festiva
8560Diphthera festiva
Hieroglyphic Moth
Diphthera festiva
8560Diphthera festiva
Hieroglyphic Moth
Epidromia rotundata
8585.3Epidromia rotundata
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