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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Aubrey Scott – Jasper, Georgia
Agonopterix flavicomella
0880Agonopterix flavicomella
Nites sp.
0946.97Nites sp.
Dichomeris fistuca
2295.1Dichomeris fistuca
Dichomeris fistuca
2295.1Dichomeris fistuca
Prionoxystus macmurtrei
2694Prionoxystus macmurtrei
Pyrausta homonymalis
5055Pyrausta homonymalis
Choristostigma roseopennalis
5130Choristostigma roseopennalis
Diaphania hyalinata
5204Diaphania hyalinata
Euzophera ostricolorella
5997Euzophera ostricolorella
Macaria bicolorata
6341Macaria bicolorata
Macaria fissinotata
6348Macaria fissinotata
Digrammia ocellinata
6386Digrammia ocellinata
Iridopsis defectaria
6586Iridopsis defectaria
Iridopsis defectaria
6586Iridopsis defectaria
Euchlaena amoenaria
6733Euchlaena amoenaria
Cymatophora approximaria
6745Cymatophora approximaria
Ceratonyx satanaria
6780Ceratonyx satanaria
Ceratonyx satanaria
6780Ceratonyx satanaria
Probole alienaria
6837Probole alienaria
Probole amicaria
6838Probole amicaria
Plagodis fervidaria
6843Plagodis fervidaria
Nepytia n. sp.
6910.96Nepytia n. sp.
Antepione thisoaria
6987Antepione thisoaria
Dichorda iridaria
7053Dichorda iridaria
Thalera pistasciaria
7084Thalera pistasciaria
Haematopis grataria
7146Haematopis grataria
Rheumaptera prunivorata
7292Rheumaptera prunivorata
Eubaphe mendica
7440Eubaphe mendica
Eupithecia peckorum
7453Eupithecia peckorum
Apatelodes torrefacta
7663Apatelodes torrefacta
Citheronia regalis
7706Citheronia regalis
Actias luna
7758Actias luna
Ceratomia undulosa
7787Ceratomia undulosa
Schizura ipomaeae
8005Schizura ipomaeae
Crambidia xanthocorpa
8053.1Crambidia xanthocorpa
Hypoprepia miniata
8089Hypoprepia miniata
Haploa contigua
8110Haploa contigua
Apantesis parthenice
8196Apantesis parthenice
Dasychira basiflava
8296Dasychira basiflava
Phytometra rhodarialis
8481Phytometra rhodarialis
Pangrapta decoralis
8490Pangrapta decoralis
Scolecocampa liburna
8514Scolecocampa liburna
Zale galbanata
8692Zale galbanata
Zale lunifera
8713Zale lunifera
Euparthenos nubilis
8719Euparthenos nubilis
Celiptera frustulum
8747Celiptera frustulum
Ptichodis herbarum
8750Ptichodis herbarum
Catocala epione
8773Catocala epione
Catocala flebilis
8782Catocala flebilis
Catocala vidua
8792Catocala vidua
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