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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Jerry Armstrong – Winston, Georgia
Homoeosoma asylonnastes
5937.1Homoeosoma asylonnastes
Peoria approximella
6053Peoria approximella
Carmine Snout Moth
Adaina bipunctatus
6155Adaina bipunctatus
Hellinsia kellicottii
6212Hellinsia kellicottii
Goldenrod Borer Plume Moth
Oreta rosea
6255Oreta rosea
Rose Hooktip Moth
Glenoides texanaria
6443Glenoides texanaria
Texas Gray Moth
Glena cribrataria
6449Glena cribrataria
Dotted Gray Moth
Epimecis hortaria
6599Epimecis hortaria
Tulip-tree Beauty Moth
Euchlaena obtusaria
6726Euchlaena obtusaria
Obtuse Euchlaena Moth
Metarranthis angularia
6823Metarranthis angularia
Angled Metarranthis Moth
Cepphis decoloraria
6834Cepphis decoloraria
Dark Scallop Moth
Nemoria saturiba
7034Nemoria saturiba
Chloropteryx tepperaria
7075Chloropteryx tepperaria
Angle-winged Emerald Moth
Idaea bonifata
7102Idaea bonifata
Idaea celtima
7109Idaea celtima
Idaea obfusaria
7123Idaea obfusaria
Rippled Wave
Cyclophora packardi
7136Cyclophora packardi
Packard's Wave
Coryphista meadii
7290Coryphista meadii
Barberry Geometer Moth
Cladara limitaria
7637Cladara limitaria
Mottled Gray Carpet Moth
Malacosoma disstria
7698Malacosoma disstria
Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth
Hemileuca maia
7730Hemileuca maia
Buck Moth
Hemileuca maia
7730Hemileuca maia
Buck Moth
Paonias excaecata
7824Paonias excaecata
Blind-eyed Sphinx Moth
Xylophanes tersa
7890Xylophanes tersa
Tersa Sphinx Moth
Xylophanes tersa
7890Xylophanes tersa
Tersa Sphinx Moth
Lochmaeus manteo
7998Lochmaeus manteo
Variable Oakleaf Caterpillar Moth
Apantesis figurata
8188Apantesis figurata
Figured Tiger Moth
Halysidota tessellaris
8203Halysidota tessellaris
Banded Tussock Moth
Halysidota tessellaris
8203Halysidota tessellaris
Banded Tussock Moth
Leucanopsis longa
8217Leucanopsis longa
Long-streaked Tussock Moth
Cisseps fulvicollis
8267Cisseps fulvicollis
Yellow-collared Scape Moth
Zanclognatha lituralis
8340Zanclognatha lituralis
Lettered Zanclognatha Moth
Zanclognatha obscuripennis
8347Zanclognatha obscuripennis
Dark Zanclognatha Moth
Ledaea perditalis
8491Ledaea perditalis
Lost Owlet
Arugisa lutea
8509Arugisa lutea
Common Arugisa Moth
Panopoda rufimargo
8587Panopoda rufimargo
Red-lined Panopoda Moth
Panopoda carneicosta
8588Panopoda carneicosta
Brown Panopoda Moth
Phoberia atomaris
8591Phoberia atomaris
Common Oak Moth
Lesmone detrahens
8651Lesmone detrahens
Detracted Owlet
Zale obliqua
8699Zale obliqua
Oblique Zale Moth
Zale helata
8704Zale helata
Brown-spotted Zale Moth
Gondysia smithii
8726Gondysia smithii
Smith's Darkwing Moth
Catocala ilia
8801Catocala ilia
Ilia Underwing Moth
Catocala connubialis
8877Catocala connubialis
Connubial Underwing Moth
Chrysanympha formosa
8904Chrysanympha formosa
Formosa Looper Moth
Megalographa biloba
8907Megalographa biloba
Bilobed Looper Moth
Baileya ophthalmica
8970Baileya ophthalmica
Eyed Baileya Moth
Tripudia rectangula
9003.1Tripudia rectangula
Oruza albocostaliata
9025Oruza albocostaliata
White Edge Moth
Ozarba aeria
9030Ozarba aeria
Aerial Brown Moth
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