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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Eric R. Eaton – South Deerfield, Massachusetts
Antispila sp.
0243.97Antispila sp.
Synanthedon pictipes
2550Synanthedon pictipes
Synanthedon pictipes
2550Synanthedon pictipes

2699.1"Zeuzera" masoni
Ecdytolopha coloradana
3495.1Ecdytolopha coloradana
Parapoynx maculalis
4759Parapoynx maculalis
Jativa castanealis
4827Jativa castanealis
Herpetogramma thestealis
5277Herpetogramma thestealis
Thaumatopsis magnificus
5440Thaumatopsis magnificus

Habrosyne gloriosa
6236Habrosyne gloriosa
Frederickia cyda
6415Frederickia cyda
Caripeta piniata
6864Caripeta piniata
Haematopis grataria
7146Haematopis grataria
Pheosia rimosa
7922Pheosia rimosa
Truncaptera inopinata
8027Truncaptera inopinata
Gardinia anopla
8058Gardinia anopla
Gardinia anopla
8058Gardinia anopla
Hypercompe oslari
8148Hypercompe oslari
Litoprosopus coachella
8558Litoprosopus coachella
Litoprosopus coachella
8558Litoprosopus coachella

Catocala herodias
8850Catocala herodias
Apamea atrosuffusa
9336Apamea atrosuffusa
Bellura obliqua
9525Bellura obliqua
Trichopolia melanopis
10566Trichopolia melanopis
Heliothis australis
11072.2Heliothis australis
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