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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Dave Pelletier – Barkhamsted, Connecticut
Psyche casta
0437Psyche casta
Common Bagworm Moth
Semioscopis megamicrella
0915Semioscopis megamicrella
Coleophora trifolii
1388Coleophora trifolii
Large Clover Casebearer Moth
Chionodes obscurusella
2099Chionodes obscurusella
Boxelder Leafworm Moth
Chionodes obscurusella
2099Chionodes obscurusella
Boxelder Leafworm Moth
Apotomis sp.
2768.97Apotomis sp.
Unidentified Apotomis Moths
Olethreutes inornatana
2788Olethreutes inornatana
Inornate Olethreutes Moth
Pseudexentera vaccinii
3254.1Pseudexentera vaccinii
Pseudexentera vaccinii
3254.1Pseudexentera vaccinii
Pseudexentera virginiana
3258Pseudexentera virginiana
Pseudexentera virginiana
3258Pseudexentera virginiana
Epinotia medioviridana
3286Epinotia medioviridana
Raspberry Leaf-roller Moth
Argyrotaenia juglandana
3622Argyrotaenia juglandana
Hickory Leafroller Moth
Archips dissitana
3666Archips dissitana
Boldly-marked Archips Moth
Aglossa costiferalis
5511Aglossa costiferalis
Acrobasis demotella
5674Acrobasis demotella
Walnut Shoot Moth
Acrobasis sp.
5694.99Acrobasis sp.
Unidentified Acrobasis Species
Sphenarches ontario
6090Sphenarches ontario
Geina tenuidactylus
6092Geina tenuidactylus
Slender-lobed Plume (Himmelman's Plume Moth)
Habrosyne scripta
6235Habrosyne scripta
Lettered Habrosyne Moth
Drepana bilineata
6252Drepana bilineata
Two-Lined Hooktip Moth
Macaria promiscuata
6331Macaria promiscuata
Promiscuous Angle Moth
Macaria pinistrobata
6347Macaria pinistrobata
White Pine Angle Moth
Macaria fissinotata
6348Macaria fissinotata
Hemlock Angle Moth
Macaria granitata
6352Macaria granitata
Granite Moth
Phigalia titea
6658Phigalia titea
Half-wing Moth
Phigalia strigataria
6660Phigalia strigataria
Small Phigalia Moth
Lomographa glomeraria
6668Lomographa glomeraria
Gray Spring Moth
Metarranthis indeclinata
6825Metarranthis indeclinata
Pale Metarranthis Moth
Caripeta divisata
6863Caripeta divisata
Gray Spruce Looper Moth
Besma quercivoraria
6885Besma quercivoraria
Oak Besma Moth
Nepytia pellucidaria
6909Nepytia pellucidaria
Eusarca confusaria
6941Eusarca confusaria
Confused Eusarca Moth
Hydriomena divisaria
7235Hydriomena divisaria
Black-dashed Hydriomena Moth
Hydriomena renunciata
7236Hydriomena renunciata
Renounced Hydriomena Moth
Anticlea vasiliata
7329Anticlea vasiliata
Variable Carpet Moth
Hydrelia condensata
7420Hydrelia condensata
Eupithecia cretaceata
7533Eupithecia cretaceata
Eupithecia cretaceata
7533Eupithecia cretaceata
Pasiphila rectangulata
7625Pasiphila rectangulata
Green Pug Moth
Callosamia promethea
7764Callosamia promethea
Promethea Moth
Callosamia promethea
7764Callosamia promethea
Promethea Moth
Sphinx kalmiae
7809Sphinx kalmiae
Laurel Sphinx Moth
Paraeschra georgica
7917Paraeschra georgica
Georgian Prominent
Peridea basitriens
7919Peridea basitriens
Oval-Based Prominent
Gluphisia avimacula
7933Gluphisia avimacula
Four-spotted Gluphisia
Furcula cinerea
7937Furcula cinerea
Gray Furcula
Furcula cinerea
7937Furcula cinerea
Gray Furcula
Schizura leptinoides
8011Schizura leptinoides
Black-blotched Schizura
Oligocentria lignicolor
8017Oligocentria lignicolor
White-streaked Prominent
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