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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Charley Eiseman – Northfield, Massachusetts
Mompha locupletella
1444.1Mompha locupletella
Mompha terminella
1456Mompha terminella
Cosmopterix astrapias
1473Cosmopterix astrapias
Cosmopterix clemensella
1493Cosmopterix clemensella

              Clemens' Cosmopterix
Cosmopterix clemensella
1493Cosmopterix clemensella

              Clemens' Cosmopterix
Stagmatophora sexnotella
1508Stagmatophora sexnotella
Stagmatophora sexnotella
1508Stagmatophora sexnotella
Sorhagenia nimbosus
1633Sorhagenia nimbosus
Midrib Gall Moth
Coleotechnites macleodi
1819Coleotechnites macleodi
Brown Hemlock Needleminer
Coleotechnites thujaella
1832Coleotechnites thujaella
Brown Cedar Leafminer
Gelechia albisparsella
1929Gelechia albisparsella
Gnorimoschema shepherdiae
2001.6Gnorimoschema shepherdiae
Scrobipalpa scutellariaeella
2030Scrobipalpa scutellariaeella
Chionodes dammersi
2070Chionodes dammersi
Chionodes dammersi
2070Chionodes dammersi
Chionodes thoraceochrella
2119Chionodes thoraceochrella
Anacampsis innocuella
2237Anacampsis innocuella
Dark-headed Aspen Leafroller
Dichomeris juncidella
2298Dichomeris juncidella
Dichomeris juncidella
2298Dichomeris juncidella
Podiasa chiococcella
2412Podiasa chiococcella
Yponomeuta cagnagella
2423.1Yponomeuta cagnagella
Spindle Ermine Moth
Argyresthia conjugella
2449Argyresthia conjugella
Apple Fruit Moth
Cycloplasis panicifoliella
2493Cycloplasis panicifoliella
Synanthedon proxima
2572Synanthedon proxima
Eastern Willow Clearwing Moth
Olethreutes ochrosuffusanum
2806Olethreutes ochrosuffusanum
Olethreutes albiciliana
2832Olethreutes albiciliana
Olethreutes albiciliana
2832Olethreutes albiciliana
Ancylis semiovana
3361Ancylis semiovana
Dichrorampha incanana
3407Dichrorampha incanana
Grapholita thermopsidis
3438.2Grapholita thermopsidis
Acleris oxycoccana
3529Acleris oxycoccana
Stenoptilodes antirrhina
6123Stenoptilodes antirrhina
Snapdragon Plume Moth
Epimecis hortaria
6599Epimecis hortaria
Tulip-tree Beauty Moth
Trichodezia californiata
7432Trichodezia californiata
Eupithecia strattonata
7523Eupithecia strattonata
Peridea angulosa
7920Peridea angulosa
Angulose Prominent
Zanclognatha laevigata
8345Zanclognatha laevigata
Variable Zanclognatha
Euclidia cuspidea
8731Euclidia cuspidea
Toothed Somberwing Moth
Cerma cerintha
9062Cerma cerintha
Cherry Agate
Euscirrhopterus cosyra
9308Euscirrhopterus cosyra
Staghorn Cholla Moth
Lineostriastiria hutsoni
9756Lineostriastiria hutsoni
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