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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Bo Zaremba – Newburyport, Massachusetts
Peridea basitriens
7919Peridea basitriens
Oval-Based Prominent
Ellida caniplaga
7930Ellida caniplaga
Linden Prominent
Lochmaeus bilineata
7999Lochmaeus bilineata
Double-lined Prominent
Pseudohemihyalea ambigua
8218Pseudohemihyalea ambigua
Euchaetes bolteri
8241Euchaetes bolteri
Idia scobialis
8330Idia scobialis
Smoky Idia Moth
Zanclognatha dentata
8349.1Zanclognatha dentata
Zanclognatha dentata
8349.1Zanclognatha dentata
Zanclognatha jacchusalis
8353Zanclognatha jacchusalis
Wavy-lined Zanclognatha Moth
Bleptina verticalis
8375.1Bleptina verticalis
Macristis geminipunctalis
8402.1Macristis geminipunctalis
Abablemma bilineata
8438Abablemma bilineata
Abablemma bilineata
8438Abablemma bilineata
Hypena tenebrosa
8458Hypena tenebrosa
Mursa phtisialis
8477.2Mursa phtisialis
Litoprosopus linea
8556.2Litoprosopus linea
Melipotis acontioides
8610Melipotis acontioides
Royal Poinciana Moth
Catocala cara
8832Catocala cara
Darling Underwing Moth
Diachrysia aereoides
8896Diachrysia aereoides
Dark-spotted Looper Moth
Cerma cerintha
9062Cerma cerintha
Cherry Agate
Acronicta fragilis
9241Acronicta fragilis
Fragile Dagger
Oligia strigilis
9415.1Oligia strigilis
Marbled Minor Moth
Papaipema inquaesita
9483Papaipema inquaesita
Sensitive Fern Borer
Papaipema rigida
9503Papaipema rigida
Rigid Sunflower Borer
Caradrina clavipalpis
9660.1Caradrina clavipalpis
Pale Mottled Willow Moth
Azenia virida
9728Azenia virida
Leucania linita
10440Leucania linita
Neleucania patricia
10610Neleucania patricia
Feltia inyoca
10670.1Feltia inyoca
Aplectoides condita
10999Aplectoides condita
Noctua pronuba
11003.1Noctua pronuba
Large Yellow Underwing Moth
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