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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Bo Zaremba – Newburyport, Massachusetts
Acrolophus sp.
0386.97Acrolophus sp.
Tineidae n. sp.
0434.96Tineidae n. sp.
Agonopterix atrodorsella
0864Agonopterix atrodorsella
Decantha stonda
1045Decantha stonda
Brymblia quadrimaculella
1055Brymblia quadrimaculella
Homaledra sabalella
1422Homaledra sabalella
Stilbosis tesquella
1609Stilbosis tesquella
Ypsolopha angelicella
2368Ypsolopha angelicella
Schreckensteinia festaliella
2509Schreckensteinia festaliella
Olethreutes ferrolineana
2838.1Olethreutes ferrolineana
Eucosma striatana
2973Eucosma striatana
Eucosma striatana
2973Eucosma striatana
Pelochrista cataclystiana
3142Pelochrista cataclystiana
Epiblema brightonana
3203Epiblema brightonana
Epiblema brightonana
3203Epiblema brightonana
Notocelia rosaecolana
3208Notocelia rosaecolana
Proteoteras aesculana
3230Proteoteras aesculana
Zeiraphera canadensis
3240Zeiraphera canadensis
Zeiraphera canadensis
3240Zeiraphera canadensis
Epinotia nisella
3306Epinotia nisella
Sereda tautana
3425Sereda tautana
Cydia piperana
3489Cydia piperana
Acleris minuta
3545Acleris minuta
Cnephasia stephensiana
3567.1Cnephasia stephensiana
Choristoneura conflictana
3637Choristoneura conflictana
Clepsis persicana
3682Clepsis persicana
Cenopis mesospila
3721Cenopis mesospila
Aethes angustana
3754.1Aethes angustana
Dicymolomia grisea
4893Dicymolomia grisea
Ostrinia nubilalis
4949Ostrinia nubilalis
Pyrausta rubricalis
5051Pyrausta rubricalis
Nomophila nearctica
5156Nomophila nearctica
Blepharomastix ranalis
5182Blepharomastix ranalis
Microthyris anormalis
5263Microthyris anormalis
Eoreuma densellus
5492Eoreuma densellus
Aglossa cuprina
5518Aglossa cuprina
Tallula watsoni
5592Tallula watsoni
Aphomia sociella
5629Aphomia sociella
Capperia raptor
6096Capperia raptor
Adaina montanus
6157Adaina montanus

Digrammia ocellinata
6386Digrammia ocellinata
Eufidonia convergaria
6637Eufidonia convergaria
Eriplatymetra coloradaria
6852Eriplatymetra coloradaria
Synchlora aerata
7058Synchlora aerata
Dysstroma walkerata
7188Dysstroma walkerata
Dysstroma hersiliata
7189Dysstroma hersiliata
Operophtera brumata
7436Operophtera brumata
Eupithecia absinthiata
7586.1Eupithecia absinthiata
Pasiphila rectangulata
7625Pasiphila rectangulata
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