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Charles Melton's Miller Canyon Moths

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9311208968.2 – Florida Eutelia Moth – Eutelia furcata
Eutelia furcata
9311418974 – Black-olive Caterpillar Moth – Garella nilotica
Garella nilotica
9311468979Nycteola fletcheri
Nycteola fletcheri
9311478980Iscadia aperta
Iscadia aperta
Iscadia aperta
9311258985Meganola fuscula
Meganola fuscula
9311268986Meganola dentata
Meganola dentata
Meganola dentata
931257.19002Tripudia inquaesita
Tripudia inquaesita
9312649005Tripudia balteata
Tripudia balteata
9312659006Tripudia luda
Tripudia luda
9312669007Tripudia dimidata
Tripudia dimidata
9312679008Tripudia luxuriosa
Tripudia luxuriosa
Tripudia luxuriosa
9312719011Tripudia limbatus
Tripudia limbatus
Tripudia limbatus
Tripudia limbatus
9312759014Cobubatha lixiva
Cobubatha lixiva
Cobubatha lixiva
Cobubatha lixiva
Cobubatha lixiva
9312779018Cobubatha dividua
Cobubatha dividua
Cobubatha dividua
930692.69026Oruza albocostata
Oruza albocostata
9313039031Ozarba propera
Ozarba propera
9312839034Amiana niama
Amiana niama
9317239043Homolagoa grotelliformis
Homolagoa grotelliformis
9312879045Marimatha tripuncta
Marimatha tripuncta
9312949055Lithacodia phya
Lithacodia phya


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