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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Van Truan – Pueblo, Colorado
Amydria obliquella
0336Amydria obliquella
Exaeretia gracilis
0902Exaeretia gracilis
Decantha tistra
1044Decantha tistra
Decantha tistra
1044Decantha tistra
Prolita barnesiella
1883Prolita barnesiella
Prolita barnesiella
1883Prolita barnesiella
Aproaerema nigrella
2221Aproaerema nigrella
Anacampsis paltodoriella
2245Anacampsis paltodoriella
Anacampsis paltodoriella
2245Anacampsis paltodoriella
Dichomeris setosella
2302Dichomeris setosella
Synanthedon exitiosa
2583Synanthedon exitiosa
Peachtree Borer Moth
Rhyacionia neomexicana
2873Rhyacionia neomexicana
Rhyacionia salmonicolor
2874Rhyacionia salmonicolor
Barbara colfaxiana
2903Barbara colfaxiana
Douglas-Fir Cone Moth
Eucosma fulvotegulana
2971.1Eucosma fulvotegulana
Eucopina bobana
3067Eucopina bobana
Acentria ephemerella
5299Acentria ephemerella
Sosipatra rileyella
6015Sosipatra rileyella
Hyparpax venus
8023Hyparpax venus
Hyparpax venus
8023Hyparpax venus
Apantesis blakei
8185Apantesis blakei
Renia rigida
8384Renia rigida
Phytometra rhodarialis
8481Phytometra rhodarialis
Pink-Bordered Yellow Moth
Acronicta exempta
9217Acronicta exempta
Cryphia olivacea
9287Cryphia olivacea
Sympistis umbrifascia
10122Sympistis umbrifascia
Leucania stolata
10453Leucania stolata
Xestia bolteri
10941Xestia bolteri
Abagrotis mirabilis
11019Abagrotis mirabilis
Abagrotis nefascia
11024Abagrotis nefascia
Schinia simplex
11162Schinia simplex
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