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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Peter H. Homann – Tallahassee. Florida
Kearfottia albifasciella
0319Kearfottia albifasciella
Acrolophus piger
0371Acrolophus piger
Piger Grass Tubeworm Moth
Neoprocris floridana
4631.2Neoprocris floridana
Pyrausta onythesalis
5042Pyrausta onythesalis
Ategumia ebulealis
5158Ategumia ebulealis
Palpita kimballi
5219Palpita kimballi
Kimball's Palpita Moth
Salbia haemorrhoidalis
5287Salbia haemorrhoidalis
Lantana Leaftier Moth
Pyralis manihotalis
5515Pyralis manihotalis
Tropical Meal Moth
Iridopsis vellivolata
6582Iridopsis vellivolata
Large Purplish Gray Moth
Protoboarmia porcelaria
6598Protoboarmia porcelaria
Porcelain Gray Moth
Ceratonyx satanaria
6780Ceratonyx satanaria
Caripeta aretaria
6869Caripeta aretaria
Southern Pine Looper Moth
Idaea micropterata
7119Idaea micropterata
Leptostales laevitaria
7177Leptostales laevitaria
Raspberry Wave Moth
Hormoschista latipalpis
8488Hormoschista latipalpis
Double-lined Brown Moth
Arugisa latiorella
8510Arugisa latiorella
Watson's Arugisa Moth
Argyrostrotis flavistriaria
8759Argyrostrotis flavistriaria
Yellow-lined Chocolate Moth
Paectes nubifera
8965Paectes nubifera
Spodoptera eridania
9672Spodoptera eridania
Southern Armyworm Moth
Spodoptera eridania
9672Spodoptera eridania
Southern Armyworm Moth
Ogdoconta cinereola
9720Ogdoconta cinereola
Common Pinkband Moth
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