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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Jo McGavin – Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Antepione thisoaria
6987Antepione thisoaria
Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria
7071Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria
Idaea demissaria
7114Idaea demissaria
Gandaritis atricolorata
7214Gandaritis atricolorata
Horisme intestinata
7445Horisme intestinata
Cladara anguilineata
7638Cladara anguilineata
Malacosoma disstria
7698Malacosoma disstria
Anisota virginiensis
7723Anisota virginiensis
Paonias astylus
7826Paonias astylus
Pachysphinx modesta
7828Pachysphinx modesta
Paraeschra georgica
7917Paraeschra georgica
Peridea ferruginea
7921Peridea ferruginea
Gluphisia avimacula
7933Gluphisia avimacula
Macrurocampa marthesia
7975Macrurocampa marthesia
Apantesis arge
8199Apantesis arge
Idia diminuendis
8329Idia diminuendis
Zanclognatha laevigata
8345Zanclognatha laevigata
Zanclognatha laevigata
8345Zanclognatha laevigata
Hypena madefactalis
8447Hypena madefactalis
Allotria elonympha
8721Allotria elonympha
Allotria elonympha
8721Allotria elonympha
Chrysanympha formosa
8904Chrysanympha formosa
Nola triquetrana
8992Nola triquetrana
Acronicta radcliffei
9209Acronicta radcliffei
Globia oblonga
9449Globia oblonga
Eupsilia sp.
9939.97Eupsilia sp.
Calophasia lunula
10177Calophasia lunula
Sideridis congermana
10266Sideridis congermana
Sideridis congermana
10266Sideridis congermana
Orthosia rubescens
10487Orthosia rubescens
Orthodes majuscula
10585Orthodes majuscula
Dichagyris acclivis
10870Dichagyris acclivis
Cerastis fishii
10997Cerastis fishii
Cerastis fishii
10997Cerastis fishii
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