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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by John Schneider – Houston, Texas
Acrolophus filicicornis
0352Acrolophus filicicornis
Acrolophus macrophallus
0363Acrolophus macrophallus
Acrolophus minor
0365Acrolophus minor
Acrolophus quadrellus
0378Acrolophus quadrellus
Tiquadra inscitella
0427Tiquadra inscitella
Epicephala sp.
0658.98Epicephala sp.
Unidentified Epicephala Moths
Batrachedra busiris
1406Batrachedra busiris
Batrachedra concitata
1408Batrachedra concitata
Mompha argentimaculella
1426Mompha argentimaculella
Cosmopterix damnosa
1492Cosmopterix damnosa
Cosmopterix damnosa
1492Cosmopterix damnosa
Obithome punctiferella
1645Obithome punctiferella
Obithome punctiferella
1645Obithome punctiferella

Deltophora glandiferella
1927Deltophora glandiferella
Ymeldia janae
2216Ymeldia janae
Jane's Ymeldia Moth
Ymeldia janae
2216Ymeldia janae
Jane's Ymeldia Moth
Battaristis n. sp.
2229.96Battaristis n. sp.
Unidescribed Battaristis Moth (genus uncertain)
Anacampsis spp.
2251.96Anacampsis spp.
Anacampsis New Species
Drymoana blanchardi
2336.2Drymoana blanchardi
Digitivalva clarkei
2489.1Digitivalva clarkei
Parapoynx diminutalis
4765Parapoynx diminutalis
Hydrilla Leafcutter Moth
Procymbopteryx belialis
4803Procymbopteryx belialis
Edia semiluna
4807Edia semiluna
Hyalorista taeniolalis
5077Hyalorista taeniolalis
Lineodes fontella
5106Lineodes fontella
Eastern Lineodes Moth
Diastictis fracturalis
5256Diastictis fracturalis
Fractured Western Snout Moth
Asciodes gordialis
5267Asciodes gordialis
Bougainvillea Caterpillar Moth
Haimbachia arizonensis
5483Haimbachia arizonensis
Hypsopygia nostralis
5531Hypsopygia nostralis
Southern Hayworm Moth
Carphoides setigera
6623Carphoides setigera
Green Carphoides Moth
Vinemina opacaria
6635Vinemina opacaria
Anisota fuscosa
7717.1Anisota fuscosa
Anisota fuscosa
7717.1Anisota fuscosa
Anisota fuscosa
7717.1Anisota fuscosa
Afilia oslari
7962Afilia oslari
Cisthene tenuifascia
8066Cisthene tenuifascia
Thin-banded Lichen Moth
Nychioptera accola
8486Nychioptera accola
Toxonprucha pardalis
8670Toxonprucha pardalis
Spotted Toxonprucha Moth
Ptichodis ovalis
8753Ptichodis ovalis
Eublemma minima
9076Eublemma minima
Everlasting Bud Moth
Spragueia margana
9132Spragueia margana
Spodoptera eridania
9672Spodoptera eridania
Southern Armyworm Moth
Condica sutor
9699Condica sutor
Cobbler Moth
Condica n. sp.
9714.96Condica n. sp.
Condica New Species
Apsaphida eremna
10022Apsaphida eremna
Lacinipolia mimula
10351Lacinipolia mimula
Lacinipolia mimula
10351Lacinipolia mimula
Hypotrix hueco
10600Hypotrix hueco
Dichagyris polycala
10875Dichagyris polycala
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