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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Gretchen Grammer – Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Afrida ydatodes
8102Afrida ydatodes
Utetheisa ornatrix
8105Utetheisa ornatrix
Virbia aurantiaca
8121Virbia aurantiaca
Spilosoma virginica
8137Spilosoma virginica
Cycnia collaris
8229Cycnia collaris
Cosmosoma myrodora
8280Cosmosoma myrodora
Bleptina caradrinalis
8370Bleptina caradrinalis
Renia fraternalis
8385Renia fraternalis
Phytometra rhodarialis
8481Phytometra rhodarialis
Anticarsia gemmatalis
8574Anticarsia gemmatalis
Panopoda repanda
8589Panopoda repanda
Gondysia consobrina
8724Gondysia consobrina
Cutina albopunctella
8728Cutina albopunctella
Caenurgia chloropha
8733Caenurgia chloropha
Caenurgia chloropha
8733Caenurgia chloropha
Mocis marcida
8744Mocis marcida
Ptichodis vinculum
8749Ptichodis vinculum
Argyrostrotis erasa
8761Argyrostrotis erasa
Argyrostrotis erasa
8761Argyrostrotis erasa
Doryodes bistrialis
8765Doryodes bistrialis
Argyrogramma verruca
8885Argyrogramma verruca
Enigmogramma basigera
8886Enigmogramma basigera
Ctenoplusia oxygramma
8889Ctenoplusia oxygramma
Nola cereella
8991Nola cereella
Tripudia rectangula
9003.1Tripudia rectangula
Exyra ridingsii
9023Exyra ridingsii
Exyra ridingsii
9023Exyra ridingsii
Ponometia candefacta
9090Ponometia candefacta
Eudryas unio
9299Eudryas unio
Phosphila miselioides
9619Phosphila miselioides
Phosphila miselioides
9619Phosphila miselioides
Phosphila miselioides
9619Phosphila miselioides
Acherdoa ferraria
9636Acherdoa ferraria
Spodoptera dolichos
9671Spodoptera dolichos
Elaphria chalcedonia
9679Elaphria chalcedonia
Leucania linda
10445Leucania linda
Anicla infecta
10911Anicla infecta
Chloridea subflexa
11070Chloridea subflexa
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