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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Bill Johnson – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Stigmella multispicata
0086.1Stigmella multispicata
Monopis monachella
0418Monopis monachella
White-headed Monopis
Bedellia somnulentella
0466Bedellia somnulentella
Morning-glory Leafminer
Bucculatrix canadensisella
0560Bucculatrix canadensisella
Birch Skeletonizer
Bucculatrix sp.
0582.97Bucculatrix sp.
Unidentified Bucculatrixs
Phyllonorycter hagenii
0755Phyllonorycter hagenii
Phyllonorycter sp.
0802.97Phyllonorycter sp.
Unidentified Phyllonorycters
Depressaria radiella
0922Depressaria radiella
Parsnip Webworm
Gerdana caritella
1144Gerdana caritella
Mompha brevivittella
1430Mompha brevivittella
Mompha luciferella
1445Mompha luciferella
Scythris limbella
1673Scythris limbella
Chenopodium Scythris
Dichomeris flavocostella
2295Dichomeris flavocostella
Cream-edged Dichomeris
Epermenia albapunctella
2328Epermenia albapunctella
Epermenia albapunctella
2328Epermenia albapunctella
Zelleria haimbachi
2427Zelleria haimbachi
Pine Needle Sheathminer
Argyresthia austerella
2441Argyresthia austerella
Neoheliodines cliffordi
2502.1Neoheliodines cliffordi
Neoheliodines cliffordi
2502.1Neoheliodines cliffordi
Neoheliodines cliffordi
2502.1Neoheliodines cliffordi
Paranthrene tabaniformis
2524Paranthrene tabaniformis
European Poplar Clearwing Moth
Hymenoclea palmii
2626Hymenoclea palmii
Burrowbush Borer
Taniva albolineana
2745Taniva albolineana
Spruce Needleminer
Apotomis removana
2768Apotomis removana
Green Aspen Leafroller
Pseudexentera vaccinii
3254.1Pseudexentera vaccinii
Pseudexentera vaccinii
3254.1Pseudexentera vaccinii
Pseudexentera costomaculana
3257Pseudexentera costomaculana
Epinotia nisella
3306Epinotia nisella
Poplar Branchlet Borer
Epinotia nisella
3306Epinotia nisella
Poplar Branchlet Borer
Epinotia cinereana
3307Epinotia cinereana
Larisa subsolana
3423Larisa subsolana
Grapholita angleseana
3430Grapholita angleseana
Decodes basiplagana
3573Decodes basiplagana
Clepsis virescana
3689Clepsis virescana
Sparganothis tristriata
3699Sparganothis tristriata
Three-streaked Sparganothis
Aethes angulatana
3754Aethes angulatana
Elophila gyralis
4751Elophila gyralis
Waterlily Borer
Parapoynx maculalis
4759Parapoynx maculalis
Polymorphic Pondweed Moth
Pyrausta pythialis
5035Pyrausta pythialis
Anageshna primordialis
5176Anageshna primordialis
Yellow-spotted Webworm
Herpetogramma thestealis
5277Herpetogramma thestealis
Zigzag Herpetogramma
Crambus albellus
5361Crambus albellus
Small White Grass-veneer
Macalla zelleri
5579Macalla zelleri
Zeller's Macalla
Cnaemidophorus rhododactyla
6105Cnaemidophorus rhododactyla
Rose Plume Moth
Macaria granitata
6352Macaria granitata
Granite Moth
Lytrosis heitzmanorum
6722Lytrosis heitzmanorum
Plagodis serinaria
6840Plagodis serinaria
Lemon Plagodis
Eutrapela clemataria
6966Eutrapela clemataria
Curve-toothed Geometer Moth
Entephria separata
7306.2Entephria separata
Sphinx kalmiae
7809Sphinx kalmiae
Laurel Sphinx
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