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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Alice Abela – Santa Maria, California
Tegeticula maculata
0197Tegeticula maculata
Prodoxus aenescens
0208Prodoxus aenescens
Acrolophus furcatus
0354Acrolophus furcatus
Synanthedon mellinipennis
2580Synanthedon mellinipennis
Ceanothus Borer Moth
Dalcerides ingenita
4702Dalcerides ingenita
Dichozoma parvipicta
4809Dichozoma parvipicta
Neohelvibotys arizonensis
4978Neohelvibotys arizonensis
Caphys arizonensis
5537Caphys arizonensis
Caphys arizonensis
5537Caphys arizonensis
Quasisalebria occidentalis
5777.1Quasisalebria occidentalis
Macaria austrinata
6301.1Macaria austrinata
Macaria austrinata
6301.1Macaria austrinata
Digrammia excurvata
6363Digrammia excurvata
Gloveria gargamelle
7695Gloveria gargamelle
Furcula cinereoides
7937.1Furcula cinereoides
Furcula cinereoides
7937.1Furcula cinereoides
Lirimiris truncata
8027Lirimiris truncata
Apantesis behrii
8179.3Apantesis behrii
Tetanolita palligera
8367Tetanolita palligera
Euaontia semirufa
8567Euaontia semirufa
Panopoda rigida
8590Panopoda rigida
Panopoda rigida
8590Panopoda rigida
Callistege diagonalis
8741Callistege diagonalis
Catocala violenta
8853Catocala violenta
Ponometia clausula
9086Ponometia clausula
Bagisara tristicta
9176Bagisara tristicta
Alypia ridingsii
9319Alypia ridingsii
Ridings' Forester Moth
Apamea atrosuffusa
9336Apamea atrosuffusa
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