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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

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Epiblemidae through Lymantriiidae
9300307942 – Black-etched Prominent – Tecmessa scitiscripta
Tecmessa scitiscripta
9301257949Elasmia packardii
Elasmia packardii
9301267950Elasmia cave
Elasmia cave
Elasmia cave
Elasmia cave
9301277951 – White-headed Prominent – Symmerista albifrons
Symmerista albifrons
9301337957 – Black-spotted Prominent – Dasylophia anguina
Dasylophia anguina
9300607968Litodonta hydromeli
Litodonta hydromeli
Litodonta hydromeli
9300677975 – Mottled Prominent – Macrurocampa marthesia
Macrurocampa marthesia
9300757983 – Oblique Heterocampa – Heterocampa obliqua
Heterocampa obliqua
9300777985 – Small Heterocampa – Heterocampa subrotata
Heterocampa subrotata
Heterocampa subrotata
Heterocampa subrotata
Heterocampa subrotata
9300867994 – Saddled Prominent – Heterocampa guttivitta
Heterocampa guttivitta
9300907998 – Variable Oakleaf Caterpillar Moth – Lochmaeus manteo
Lochmaeus manteo
Lochmaeus manteo
9301028009 – Plain Schizura – Schizura apicalis
Schizura apicalis
9301038010 – Red-humped Caterpillar Moth – Schizura concinna
Schizura concinna
Schizura concinna
9301048011 – Black-blotched Schizura – Schizura leptinoides
Schizura leptinoides
9301108017 – White-streaked Prominent – Oligocentria lignicolor
Oligocentria lignicolor
9302188045 – Dark Gray Lichen Moth – Crambidia lithosioides
Crambidia lithosioides
9302218047Crambidia dusca
Crambidia dusca
Crambidia dusca
9302278053 – Yellow-headed Lichen Moth – Crambidia cephalica
Crambidia cephalica
9301778060Cisthene unifascia
Cisthene unifascia
9301798062Cisthene liberomacula
Cisthene liberomacula


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