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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


4205042270Helcystogramma melantherella
Helcystogramma melantherella
4205002272 – Soybean Webworm – Mesophleps adustipennis
Mesophleps adustipennis
4205342277Dichomeris georgiella
Dichomeris georgiella
4205772278Dichomeris glenni
Dichomeris glenni
4205102281 – Palmerworm Moth – Dichomeris ligulella
Dichomeris ligulella
4205122284Dichomeris acuminatus
Dichomeris acuminatus
Dichomeris acuminatus
4205332287Dichomeris ventrellus
Dichomeris ventrellus
4205202288 – Many-spotted Dichomeris Moth – Dichomeris punctipennella
Dichomeris punctipennella
4205782293Dichomeris costarufoella
Dichomeris costarufoella
4205622301 – Dichomeris Species Group – Dichomeris serrativittella
Dichomeris serrativittella
4205642301.2Dichomeris isa
Dichomeris isa
4205372302Dichomeris setosella
Dichomeris setosella
4205382302.1Dichomeris vindex
Dichomeris vindex
4205682303Dichomeris simpliciella
Dichomeris simpliciella
4205792305Dichomeris agonia
Dichomeris agonia
4205312310 – Dichomeris Species Group – Dichomeris inversella
Dichomeris inversella
4205322310.1Dichomeris kimballi
Dichomeris kimballi
Dichomeris kimballi

4400012313 – Six-plume Moth – Alucita montana
Alucita montana
4800062314Carposina ottawana
Carposina ottawana
4800072315 – Currant Fruitworm Moth – Carposina fernaldana
Carposina fernaldana
4800082316Carposina simulator
Carposina simulator
3601232345Diploschizia lanista
Diploschizia lanista
3601272346 – Yellow Nutsedge Moth – Diploschizia impigritella
Diploschizia impigritella
Diploschizia impigritella
Diploschizia impigritella
Diploschizia impigritella
3600372352Euceratia securella
Euceratia securella
3600452372Ypsolopha cervella
Ypsolopha cervella
3600542381Ypsolopha flavistrigella
Ypsolopha flavistrigella
3600642391Ypsolopha ochrella
Ypsolopha ochrella
Ypsolopha ochrella
3600702397Ypsolopha unicipunctella
Ypsolopha unicipunctella
360073.972400.97 – Unidentified Ypsolopha Moths – Ypsolopha sp.
Ypsolopha sp.
360073.992400.99 – Unidentified Plutellid Moths – Plutellidae sp.
Plutellidae sp.
3602112401 – Ailanthus Webworm – Atteva aurea
Atteva aurea
6600042405 – Bumelia Leafworm Moth – Lactura pupula
Lactura pupula
6600062407Lactura subfervens
Lactura subfervens
Lactura subfervens
Lactura subfervens
Lactura subfervens
Lactura subfervens
3601412435Argyresthia alternatella
Argyresthia alternatella
Argyresthia alternatella
3601472441Argyresthia austerella
Argyresthia austerella
3601832475Argyresthia quadristrigella
Argyresthia quadristrigella
360192.972484.97 – Unidentified Argyresthia Moths – Argyresthia sp.
Argyresthia sp.
3601332491Acrolepiopsis leucoscia
Acrolepiopsis leucoscia
6400592527 – Red Oak Clearwing Moth – Paranthrene simulans
Paranthrene simulans
Paranthrene simulans


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