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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by WonGun Kim – Chantilly, Virginia
Stigmella rhamnicola
0074Stigmella rhamnicola
Oenoe hybromella
0283Oenoe hybromella
Acrolophus texanella
0383Acrolophus texanella
Texas Grass Tubeworm Moth
Elachista irrorata
1100Elachista irrorata
Spinitibia hodgesi
1134.1Spinitibia hodgesi
Glyphidocera dimorphella
1143Glyphidocera dimorphella
Glyphidocera dimorphella
1143Glyphidocera dimorphella
Aristotelia roseosuffusella
1761Aristotelia roseosuffusella
Anacampsis agrimoniella
2230Anacampsis agrimoniella
Eucopina tocullionana
3074Eucopina tocullionana
White Pinecone Borer Moth
Larisa subsolana
3423Larisa subsolana
Coelostathma discopunctana
3747Coelostathma discopunctana
The Batman Moth
Acoloithus falsarius
4629Acoloithus falsarius
Clemens' False Skeletonizer Moth
Lipocosma septa
4885Lipocosma septa
Exposed Lipocosma Moth
Aglossa pinguinalis
5516Aglossa pinguinalis
Large Tabby Moth
Hypsopygia olinalis
5533Hypsopygia olinalis
Yellow-fringed Dolichomia Moth
Arta statalis
5566Arta statalis
Posturing Arta Moth
Pococera militella
5604Pococera militella
Sycamore Webworm Moth
Aphomia terrenella
5630Aphomia terrenella
Terrenella Bee Moth
Peoria longipalpella
6042Peoria longipalpella
Long-palps Peoria Moth
Glena plumosaria
6452Glena plumosaria
Dainty Gray Moth
Glena plumosaria
6452Glena plumosaria
Dainty Gray Moth
Callizzia amorata
7650Callizzia amorata
Gray Scoopwing Moth
Schizura ipomaeae
8005Schizura ipomaeae
Morning-glory Prominent
Schizura unicornis
8007Schizura unicornis
Unicorn Caterpillar Moth
Crambidia uniformis
8046Crambidia uniformis
Uniform Lichen Moth
Zanclognatha cruralis
8351Zanclognatha cruralis
Early Zanclognatha Moth
Tetanolita mynesalis
8366Tetanolita mynesalis
Smoky Tetanolita Moth
Redectis vitrea
8401Redectis vitrea
White-spotted Redectis Moth
Nigetia formosalis
8440Nigetia formosalis
Thin-winged Owlet Moth
Spargaloma sexpunctata
8479Spargaloma sexpunctata
Six-spotted Gray Moth
Hyperstrotia secta
9040Hyperstrotia secta
Black-patched Graylet Moth
Lacinipolia explicata
10413Lacinipolia explicata
Explicit Arches Moth
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