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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Tom Bentley – Schaumburg, Illinois
Machimia tentoriferella
0951Machimia tentoriferella
Coleophora sp.
1398.97Coleophora sp.
Anacampsis agrimoniella
2230Anacampsis agrimoniella
Dichomeris nonstrigella
2307Dichomeris nonstrigella
Atteva aurea
2401Atteva aurea
Albuna fraxini
2532Albuna fraxini
Albuna fraxini
2532Albuna fraxini
Euhagena nebraskae
2535Euhagena nebraskae
Olethreutes fasciatana
2823Olethreutes fasciatana
Olethreutes sp.
2859.97Olethreutes sp.
Eucosma umbrastriana
2913Eucosma umbrastriana
Pandemis limitata
3594Pandemis limitata
Pandemis limitata
3594Pandemis limitata
Clepsis clemensiana
3684Clepsis clemensiana
Platynota idaeusalis
3740Platynota idaeusalis
Phoebis philea
4229Phoebis philea
Polygonia interrogationis
4420Polygonia interrogationis
Asterocampa clyton
4562.1Asterocampa clyton
Harrisina americana
4624Harrisina americana
Harrisina americana
4624Harrisina americana
Megalopyge opercularis
4647Megalopyge opercularis
Norape virgo
4649Norape virgo
Packardia geminata
4659Packardia geminata
Isa textula
4681Isa textula
Scoparia penumbralis
4717Scoparia penumbralis
Eudonia strigalis
4738Eudonia strigalis
Pogonogenys proximalis
4817Pogonogenys proximalis
Sitochroa palealis
4986.1Sitochroa palealis
Oreta rosea
6255Oreta rosea
Oreta rosea
6255Oreta rosea
Ematurga amitaria
6436Ematurga amitaria
Ectropis crepuscularia
6597Ectropis crepuscularia
Lycia ursaria
6651Lycia ursaria
Xanthotype urticaria
6740Xanthotype urticaria
Ennomos magnaria
6797Ennomos magnaria
Nepytia canosaria
6906Nepytia canosaria
Nematocampa resistaria
7010Nematocampa resistaria
Pleuroprucha insulsaria
7132Pleuroprucha insulsaria
Scopula limboundata
7159Scopula limboundata
Scopula limboundata
7159Scopula limboundata
Rheumaptera subhastata
7294Rheumaptera subhastata
Antiplecta triangularis
7652Antiplecta triangularis
Urania fulgens
7658Urania fulgens
Apatelodes pudefacta
7664Apatelodes pudefacta
Syssphinx hubbardi
7711Syssphinx hubbardi
Anisota oslari
7722Anisota oslari
Automeris cecrops
7748Automeris cecrops
Automeris cecrops
7748Automeris cecrops
Erinnyis ello
7834Erinnyis ello
Hemaris gracilis
7854Hemaris gracilis
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