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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Robin McLeod – Ailsa Craig, Ontario
Aphomia terrenella
5630Aphomia terrenella
Acrobasis angusella
5673Acrobasis angusella
Pyla fusca
5829Pyla fusca
Dioryctria abietivorella
5841Dioryctria abietivorella
Dioryctria reniculelloides
5843Dioryctria reniculelloides
Ancylosis undulatella
5918Ancylosis undulatella
Ancylosis undulatella
5918Ancylosis undulatella
Cahela ponderosella
5977Cahela ponderosella
Cactobrosis fernaldialis
5989Cactobrosis fernaldialis
Cactobrosis fernaldialis
5989Cactobrosis fernaldialis
Vitula edmandsii
6007Vitula edmandsii
Peoria tetradella
6044Peoria tetradella
Arivaca ostreella
6062Arivaca ostreella

Dejongia lobidactylus
6102Dejongia lobidactylus
Adaina montanus
6157Adaina montanus
Eudeilinia herminiata
6253Eudeilinia herminiata
Heliomata cycladata
6261Heliomata cycladata
Eumacaria madopata
6272Eumacaria madopata
Macaria abruptata
6294Macaria abruptata
Macaria graphidaria
6311Macaria graphidaria
Macaria aemulataria
6326Macaria aemulataria
Psamatodes abydata
6332Psamatodes abydata
Macaria sexmaculata
6343Macaria sexmaculata
Macaria signaria
6344Macaria signaria
Digrammia curvata
6370Digrammia curvata
Digrammia colorata
6381Digrammia colorata
Digrammia subminiata
6399Digrammia subminiata
Isturgia dislocaria
6419Isturgia dislocaria
Isturgia dislocaria
6419Isturgia dislocaria
Iridopsis clivinaria
6575Iridopsis clivinaria
Iridopsis pergracilis
6580Iridopsis pergracilis
Iridopsis ephyraria
6583Iridopsis ephyraria
Ectropis crepuscularia
6597Ectropis crepuscularia
Lycia ursaria
6651Lycia ursaria
Cabera erythemaria
6677Cabera erythemaria
Cabera variolaria
6678Cabera variolaria
Numia bicoloraria
6700Numia bicoloraria
Euchlaena serrata
6724Euchlaena serrata
Xanthotype urticaria
6740Xanthotype urticaria
Pero ancetaria
6748Pero ancetaria
Pero honestaria
6753Pero honestaria
Pero washakiensis
6760.1Pero washakiensis
Metarranthis warneri
6821Metarranthis warneri
Metarranthis refractaria
6827Metarranthis refractaria
Sicya macularia
6912Sicya macularia
Plataea trilinearia
6926Plataea trilinearia
Eugonobapta nivosaria
6965Eugonobapta nivosaria
Antepione thisoaria
6987Antepione thisoaria
Nemoria unitaria
7018Nemoria unitaria
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