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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Rob Curtis – Chicago, Illinois
Geina tenuidactylus
6092Geina tenuidactylus
Adaina ambrosiae
6160Adaina ambrosiae
Macaria promiscuata
6331Macaria promiscuata
Digrammia colorata
6381Digrammia colorata
Digrammia colorata
6381Digrammia colorata
Stenoporpia glaucomarginaria
6472Stenoporpia glaucomarginaria
Stenoporpia glaucomarginaria
6472Stenoporpia glaucomarginaria
Iridopsis defectaria
6586Iridopsis defectaria
Iridopsis emasculatum
6589Iridopsis emasculatum
Mericisca gracea
6605Mericisca gracea
Nematocampa resistaria
7010Nematocampa resistaria
Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria
7071Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria
Chlorochlamys phyllinaria
7074Chlorochlamys phyllinaria
Lobocleta plemyraria
7097Lobocleta plemyraria
Lobocleta peralbata
7100Lobocleta peralbata
Pleuroprucha insulsaria
7132Pleuroprucha insulsaria
Cyclophora nanaria
7140Cyclophora nanaria
Timandra amaturaria
7147Timandra amaturaria

Archirhoe neomexicana
7295Archirhoe neomexicana
Entephria bradorata
7300.2Entephria bradorata
Entephria bradorata
7300.2Entephria bradorata
Spargania magnoliata
7312Spargania magnoliata
Stamnodes marmorata
7363Stamnodes marmorata
Stamnodes marmorata
7363Stamnodes marmorata
Horisme intestinata
7445Horisme intestinata
Lobophora nivigerata
7640Lobophora nivigerata
Apotolype brevicrista
7681Apotolype brevicrista
Gluphisia septentrionis
7931Gluphisia septentrionis
Afrida ydatodes
8102Afrida ydatodes
Phalaenostola eumelusalis
8363Phalaenostola eumelusalis
Bleptina caradrinalis
8370Bleptina caradrinalis
Lascoria ambigualis
8393Lascoria ambigualis
Rivula propinqualis
8404Rivula propinqualis
Hemeroplanis incusalis
8474Hemeroplanis incusalis
Hemeroplanis incusalis
8474Hemeroplanis incusalis
Hypsoropha hormos
8528Hypsoropha hormos
Plusiodonta compressipalpis
8534Plusiodonta compressipalpis
Melipotis cellaris
8601Melipotis cellaris
Melipotis jucunda
8607Melipotis jucunda
Forsebia cinis
8613Forsebia cinis
Bulia similaris
8615Bulia similaris
Lesmone detrahens
8651Lesmone detrahens
Toxonprucha crudelis
8674Toxonprucha crudelis
Matigramma emmilta
8680.2Matigramma emmilta
Caenurgina crassiuscula
8738Caenurgina crassiuscula
Tripudia quadrifera
9003Tripudia quadrifera
Tripudia balteata
9005Tripudia balteata
Tripudia luxuriosa
9008Tripudia luxuriosa
Ponometia candefacta
9090Ponometia candefacta
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