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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Michel Kleinbaum – Salem, Oregon
Ethmia marmorea
1004Ethmia marmorea
Gnorimoschema semicyclionella
1999Gnorimoschema semicyclionella
Gnorimoschema semicyclionella
1999Gnorimoschema semicyclionella
Lotisma trigonana
2312Lotisma trigonana
Zelleria haimbachi
2427Zelleria haimbachi
Neocaloreas leucobasis
2641Neocaloreas leucobasis
Notocelia cynosbatella
3208.1Notocelia cynosbatella
Elophila obliteralis
4755Elophila obliteralis
Achyra rantalis
4975Achyra rantalis
Acrobasis caliginella
5695Acrobasis caliginella
Protoboarmia porcelaria
6598Protoboarmia porcelaria
Erannis vancouverensis
6665.1Erannis vancouverensis
Sicya morsicaria
6915Sicya morsicaria
Sabulodes aegrotata
6995Sabulodes aegrotata
Sabulodes edwardsata
7004Sabulodes edwardsata
Eulithis xylina
7207Eulithis xylina
Ceratodalia gueneata
7221Ceratodalia gueneata
Ceratodalia gueneata
7221Ceratodalia gueneata

7324"Perizoma" (Group 2) curvilinea
Eupithecia johnstoni
7570Eupithecia johnstoni
Gluphisia severa
7935Gluphisia severa
Arctia caja
8166Arctia caja
Pseudohemihyalea edwardsii
8222Pseudohemihyalea edwardsii
Acronicta marmorata
9256Acronicta marmorata
Paraseptis adnixa
9533Paraseptis adnixa
Andropolia aedon
9570Andropolia aedon
Cosmia praeacuta
9814Cosmia praeacuta
Behrensia conchiformis
10178Behrensia conchiformis
Lacinipolia cuneata
10371Lacinipolia cuneata
Pseudorthodes irrorata
10582Pseudorthodes irrorata
Xestia xanthographa
10945Xestia xanthographa
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