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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by J. Merrill Lynch – Boone, North Carolina
Acalyptris thoracealbella
0112Acalyptris thoracealbella
Leucanthiza amphicarpeaefoliella
0700Leucanthiza amphicarpeaefoliella
Porphyrosela desmodiella
0843Porphyrosela desmodiella
Porphyrosela desmodiella
0843Porphyrosela desmodiella
Agonopterix flavicomella
0880Agonopterix flavicomella
Eido trimaculella
1068Eido trimaculella
Mompha terminella
1456Mompha terminella
Arogalea cristifasciella
1851Arogalea cristifasciella
Pseudochelaria pennsylvanica
1862Pseudochelaria pennsylvanica
Pseudochelaria pennsylvanica
1862Pseudochelaria pennsylvanica
Gnorimoschema compsomorpha
1977Gnorimoschema compsomorpha
Olethreutes ochrosuffusanum
2806Olethreutes ochrosuffusanum
Olethreutes fagigemmeana
2809Olethreutes fagigemmeana
Zeiraphera claypoleana
3238Zeiraphera claypoleana
Dichrorampha bittana
3406Dichrorampha bittana
Dichrorampha leopardana
3414Dichrorampha leopardana
Acleris youngana
3550Acleris youngana
Clepsis listerana
3679Clepsis listerana
Aethes atomosana
3754.3Aethes atomosana
Megalopyge crispata
4644Megalopyge crispata
Evergestis unimacula
4901Evergestis unimacula
Pyrausta inveterascalis
5036Pyrausta inveterascalis
Arequipa turbatella
5392Arequipa turbatella
Microcrambus minor
5422Microcrambus minor
Acrobasis palliolella
5659Acrobasis palliolella
Dysodia oculatana
6078Dysodia oculatana
Geina periscelidactylus
6091Geina periscelidactylus
Euthyatira pudens
6240Euthyatira pudens
Metanema determinata
6820Metanema determinata
Eupithecia coloradensis
7481Eupithecia coloradensis
Citheronia sepulcralis
7708Citheronia sepulcralis
Dasylophia thyatiroides
7958Dasylophia thyatiroides
Dasylophia thyatiroides
7958Dasylophia thyatiroides
Arctia caja
8166Arctia caja
Zanclognatha theralis
8341Zanclognatha theralis
Baileya levitans
8972Baileya levitans
Lithophane oriunda
9894Lithophane oriunda
Pachypolia atricornis
9992Pachypolia atricornis
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