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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Jason D. Roberts – Douglasville, Georgia
Acrolophus propinqua
0374Acrolophus propinqua
Pseuderotis obiterella
1009Pseuderotis obiterella
Inguromorpha basalis
2659Inguromorpha basalis
Megalopyge lacyi
4643Megalopyge lacyi
Parasa indetermina
4699Parasa indetermina
Blepharomastix ranalis
5182Blepharomastix ranalis
Macaria promiscuata
6331Macaria promiscuata
Digrammia continuata
6362Digrammia continuata
Ilexia intractata
6711Ilexia intractata
Idaea tacturata
7122Idaea tacturata
Callosamia angulifera
7765Callosamia angulifera
Callosamia angulifera
7765Callosamia angulifera
Callosamia securifera
7766Callosamia securifera
Manduca rustica
7778Manduca rustica
Peridea basitriens
7919Peridea basitriens
Symmerista albifrons
7951Symmerista albifrons
Crambidia uniformis
8046Crambidia uniformis
Zale metatoides
8707Zale metatoides
Gondysia smithii
8726Gondysia smithii
Ptichodis herbarum
8750Ptichodis herbarum
Catocala lacrymosa
8794Catocala lacrymosa
Catocala andromedae
8849Catocala andromedae
Catocala lineella
8878.1Catocala lineella
Hyperstrotia secta
9040Hyperstrotia secta
Acronicta radcliffei
9209Acronicta radcliffei
Acronicta lobeliae
9238Acronicta lobeliae
Acronicta impleta
9257Acronicta impleta
Acronicta impleta
9257Acronicta impleta
Phosphila turbulenta
9618Phosphila turbulenta
Psaphida rolandi
10014Psaphida rolandi
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