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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Dwaine Wagoner – Casper, Wyoming
Agonopterix psoraliella
0891Agonopterix psoraliella
Mompha definitella
1440Mompha definitella
Aristotelia roseosuffusella
1761Aristotelia roseosuffusella
Prolita pagella
1893Prolita pagella
Prolita pagella
1893Prolita pagella
Prolita rectistrigella
1897Prolita rectistrigella
Gnorimoschema octomaculella
1995Gnorimoschema octomaculella
Chionodes landryi
2071.1Chionodes landryi
Chionodes landryi
2071.1Chionodes landryi
Chionodes macor
2086.1Chionodes macor
Chionodes macor
2086.1Chionodes macor
Helcystogramma badia
2263Helcystogramma badia
Ypsolopha flavistrigella
2381Ypsolopha flavistrigella
Ypsolopha undulatella
2396Ypsolopha undulatella
Euhagena nebraskae
2535Euhagena nebraskae
Rhyacionia neomexicana
2873Rhyacionia neomexicana
Eucosma tenuiana
2960Eucosma tenuiana
Eucosma tenuiana
2960Eucosma tenuiana
Eucosma setonana
2988Eucosma setonana
Eucosma bucephaloides
3006Eucosma bucephaloides
Pelochrista parapulveratana
3132.4Pelochrista parapulveratana
Pelochrista suadana
3139Pelochrista suadana
Hystrichophora ochreicostana
3396Hystrichophora ochreicostana
Acleris foliana
3560Acleris foliana
Pandemis canadana
3595Pandemis canadana
Choristoneura carnana
3645Choristoneura carnana
Phtheochroa aureoalbida
3811Phtheochroa aureoalbida
Udea abstrusa
5100Udea abstrusa
Oidaematophorus grisescens
6171Oidaematophorus grisescens
Digrammia cinereola
6363.2Digrammia cinereola
Digrammia terramalata
6372.1Digrammia terramalata
Digrammia hebetata
6394.1Digrammia hebetata
Gabriola minima
6783Gabriola minima
Chlorosea nevadaria
7012Chlorosea nevadaria
Thera otisi
7219Thera otisi
Hydriomena morosata
7264Hydriomena morosata
Xanthorhoe alticolata
7385Xanthorhoe alticolata
Eupithecia nimbicolor
7522Eupithecia nimbicolor
Eupithecia niphadophilata
7552Eupithecia niphadophilata
Eupithecia discoidalis
7612Eupithecia discoidalis
Eupithecia opinata
7623Eupithecia opinata
Eupithecia opinata
7623Eupithecia opinata
Hemileuca hera
7741Hemileuca hera
Notodonta manitou
7926.1Notodonta manitou
Lycomorpha pholus
8087Lycomorpha pholus
Bruceia pulverina
8094Bruceia pulverina
Leptarctia californiae
8126Leptarctia californiae
Kodiosoma fulva
8167Kodiosoma fulva
Drasteria scrupulosa
8621Drasteria scrupulosa
Catocala luciana
8808Catocala luciana
Catocala luciana
8808Catocala luciana
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