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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Aaron Cavosie – Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Bibarrambla allenella
0911Bibarrambla allenella
Cydia fahlbergiana
3482Cydia fahlbergiana
Acleris negundana
3526Acleris negundana
Argyrotaenia occultana
3607Argyrotaenia occultana
Dichogama redtenbacheri
4790Dichogama redtenbacheri
Dicymolomia metalophota
4890Dicymolomia metalophota
Trischistognatha pyrenealis
4933Trischistognatha pyrenealis
Pyrausta phoenicealis
5049Pyrausta phoenicealis
Pyrausta cardinalis
5076.2Pyrausta cardinalis
Portentomorpha xanthialis
5078Portentomorpha xanthialis
Neoleucinodes prophetica
5102Neoleucinodes prophetica
Ercta vittata
5111Ercta vittata
Microphysetica hermeasalis
5121Microphysetica hermeasalis
Ategumia ebulealis
5158Ategumia ebulealis
Desmia ufeus
5162Desmia ufeus
Desmia ploralis
5167Desmia ploralis
Sisyracera subulalis
5194Sisyracera subulalis
Sisyracera subulalis
5194Sisyracera subulalis

5195"Eulepte" anticostalis
Synclera jarbusalis
5196Synclera jarbusalis
Glyphodes sibillalis
5198Glyphodes sibillalis
Diaphania elegans
5207.1Diaphania elegans
Hoterodes ausonia
5209Hoterodes ausonia
Omiodes simialis
5211Omiodes simialis
Polygrammodes eleuata
5230Polygrammodes eleuata
Azochis rufidiscalis
5232Azochis rufidiscalis
Azochis rufidiscalis
5232Azochis rufidiscalis
Maruca vitrata
5240.1Maruca vitrata
Lygropia tripunctata
5248Lygropia tripunctata
Microthyris prolongalis
5264Microthyris prolongalis
Sathria internitalis
5270Sathria internitalis
Syllepis marialis
5283.1Syllepis marialis
Conchylodes diphteralis
5290Conchylodes diphteralis
Microcausta flavipunctalis
5456Microcausta flavipunctalis
Bonchis munitalis
5564Bonchis munitalis
Streptopalpia minusculalis
5565Streptopalpia minusculalis
Ancylostomia stercorea
5741Ancylostomia stercorea
Meroptera pravella
5787Meroptera pravella
Banisia myrsusalis
6086Banisia myrsusalis
Banisia myrsusalis
6086Banisia myrsusalis
Banisia myrsusalis
6086Banisia myrsusalis
Phrygionis auriferaria
6670Phrygionis auriferaria
Phrygionis auriferaria
6670Phrygionis auriferaria
Phrygionis paradoxata
6671Phrygionis paradoxata
Erastria decrepitaria
6702Erastria decrepitaria
Thyrinteina arnobia
6772Thyrinteina arnobia
Metanema inatomaria
6819Metanema inatomaria
Tetracis crocallata
6963Tetracis crocallata
Nepheloleuca politia
6985Nepheloleuca politia
Phrudocentra centrifugaria
7051Phrudocentra centrifugaria
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