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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

North American Moths – Erebidae: Lymantriinae  (moths, butterflies, specimens not identified to species)
32 species records
8290Gynaephora rossii
8291Gynaephora groenlandica
8292Dasychira tephraTephra Tussock Moth
8293Dasychira dorsipennataSharp-lined Tussock Moth
8294Dasychira vagansVariable Tussock Moth
8295Dasychira mescalera
8296Dasychira basiflavaYellow-based Tussock Moth
8297Dasychira matheri
8298Dasychira meridionalisSouthern Tussock Moth
8299Dasychira atrivenosa
8300Dasychira cinnamomeaCinnamon Tussock Moth
8301Dasychira leucophaea
8302Dasychira obliquataStreaked Tussock Moth
8303Dasychira dominickaria
8304Dasychira plagiataNorthern Pine Tussock Moth
8305Dasychira pinicolaPine Tussock Moth
8306Dasychira grisefacta
8307Dasychira mantoManto Tussock Moth
8308Orgyia antiquaRusty Tussock Moth
8309Orgyia vetustaWestern Tussock Moth
8310Orgyia magna
8311Orgyia cana
8312Orgyia pseudotsugataDouglas Fir Tussock Moth
8313Orgyia detritaFir Tussock Moth
8314Orgyia definitaDefinite Tussock Moth
8315Orgyia leuschneri
8316Orgyia leucostigmaWhite-marked Tussock Moth
8317Orgyia falcata
8318Lymantria disparSpongy Moth
8319Leucoma salicisSatin Moth
8320Euproctis chrysorrhoeaBrowntail Moth
8321Euproctis similis

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