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890142.107822.2Smerinthus astarte – Strecker, 1885
Distribution Data for Smerinthus astarte
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Distribution: ID, MT, WY, UT, CO, AZ, NM, Sphingidae Taxonomic Inventory, accessed on 11/22/2019.
Syntypes: Colorado, near Denver.
Similar Species: 7822 Smerinthus cerisyi has hindwing upperside with the black mark in the centre of the blue area of the eyespot circular or diamond shaped whereas in Smerinthus astarte the blue spot is divided by a downwardly angulate band that touches the lateral, black borders, Kitching (2019).
Taxonomic Notes: Smerinthus astarte Strecker, 1885, formerly a synonym of 7822 Smerinthus cerisyi, is raised to a full species status by Kitching et al. 2018, Biodiversity Data Journal, 6: e22236.
  • Kitching, I., R. Rougerie, A. Zwick, C. Hamilton, R. St Laurent, S. Naumann, L. Ballesteros Mejia, A. Kawahara, 2018. A global checklist of the Bombycoidea (Insecta: Lepidoptera). Biodiversity Data Journal, 6: e22236.
  • Kitching, I.J., 2019. Sphingidae Taxonomic Inventory, species page, accessed on 11/22/2019.
  • Species Page at BOLD: The Barcode of Life Data System
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