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Photos © by Steve Walter – Queens, New York
Agonopterix lythrella
0857Agonopterix lythrella
Agonopterix walsinghamella
0869Agonopterix walsinghamella
Walsingham's Agonopterix
Chionodes bicostomaculella
2064Chionodes bicostomaculella
Chionodes bicostomaculella
2064Chionodes bicostomaculella
Eucosma ambodaidaleia
3004.1Eucosma ambodaidaleia
Eucosma ambodaidaleia
3004.1Eucosma ambodaidaleia
Pseudogalleria inimicella
3500Pseudogalleria inimicella
Inimical Borer
Acleris subnivana
3517Acleris subnivana
Acleris sp.
3563.97Acleris sp.
Unidentified Acleriss
Acleris sp.
3563.97Acleris sp.
Unidentified Acleriss
Archips dissitana
3666Archips dissitana
Boldly-marked Archips
Sparganothis violaceana
3710Sparganothis violaceana
Cenopis karacana
3718Cenopis karacana
Megalopyge opercularis bissesa
4646Megalopyge opercularis bissesa
Tortricidia testacea
4652Tortricidia testacea
Early Button Slug Moth
Packardia elegans
4661Packardia elegans
Elegant Tailed Slug Moth
Lipocosma sicalis
4881Lipocosma sicalis
Paracorsia repandalis
4992.5Paracorsia repandalis
Loxostegopsis merrickalis
5117Loxostegopsis merrickalis
Merrick's Pyralid Moth
Loxostegopsis merrickalis
5117Loxostegopsis merrickalis
Merrick's Pyralid Moth
Synclera jarbusalis
5196Synclera jarbusalis
Crambus girardellus
5365Crambus girardellus
Girard's Grass-veneer
Haimbachia albescens
5488Haimbachia albescens
Silvered Haimbachia
Haimbachia placidellus
5489Haimbachia placidellus
Peppered Haimbachia
Euthyatira pudens
6240Euthyatira pudens
Dogwood Thyatirid Moth
Eumacaria madopata
6272Eumacaria madopata
Brown-bordered Geometer Moth
Macaria coortaria
6299Macaria coortaria
Four-spotted Angle Moth
Lomographa semiclarata
6666Lomographa semiclarata
Bluish Spring Moth
Plagodis pulveraria
6836Plagodis pulveraria
American Barred Umber Moth
Probole nepiasaria
6839Probole nepiasaria
Heath Probole
Plagodis serinaria
6840Plagodis serinaria
Lemon Plagodis
Plagodis fervidaria
6843Plagodis fervidaria
Fervid Plagodis
Synchlora frondaria
7059Synchlora frondaria
Southern Emerald Moth
Chloropteryx nordicaria
7076Chloropteryx nordicaria
Ecliptopera silaceata
7213Ecliptopera silaceata
Small Phoenix Moth
Hydriomena transfigurata
7237Hydriomena transfigurata
Transfigured Hydriomena
Anticlea vasiliata
7329Anticlea vasiliata
Variable Carpet Moth
Anticlea multiferata
7330Anticlea multiferata
Many-lined Carpet Moth
Xanthorhoe labradorensis
7368Xanthorhoe labradorensis
Labrador Carpet Moth
Xanthorhoe ferrugata
7388Xanthorhoe ferrugata
Red Twin-Spot Moth
Xanthorhoe lacustrata
7390Xanthorhoe lacustrata
Toothed Brown Carpet Moth
Xanthorhoe lacustrata
7390Xanthorhoe lacustrata
Toothed Brown Carpet Moth
Epirrhoe alternata
7394Epirrhoe alternata
White-banded Toothed Carpet Moth
Euphyia intermediata
7399Euphyia intermediata
Sharp-angled Carpet Moth
Orthonama obstipata
7414Orthonama obstipata
Gem Moth
Horisme intestinata
7445Horisme intestinata
Brown Bark Carpet Moth
Eupithecia herefordaria
7509Eupithecia herefordaria
Hereford's Eupithecia
Pasiphila rectangulata
7625Pasiphila rectangulata
Green Pug Moth
Cladara limitaria
7637Cladara limitaria
Mottled Gray Carpet Moth
Cladara atroliturata
7639Cladara atroliturata
Scribbler Moth
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