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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Robert L. Zimlich – Mobile, Alabama
Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria
7071Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria
Blackberry Looper Moth
Idaea furciferata
7108Idaea furciferata
Notch-winged Wave Moth
Idaea tacturata
7122Idaea tacturata
Dot-lined Wave Moth
Pleuroprucha insulsaria
7132Pleuroprucha insulsaria
Common Tan Wave Moth
Scopula limboundata
7159Scopula limboundata
Large Lace-border Moth
Lophosis labeculata
7181Lophosis labeculata
Stained Lophosis Moth
Anisota stigma
7716Anisota stigma
Spiny Oakworm Moth
Datana major
7905Datana major
Major Datana Moth
Heterocampa astarte
7977Heterocampa astarte
Crambidia pallida
8045.1Crambidia pallida
Pale Lichen Moth
Cisseps fulvicollis
8267Cisseps fulvicollis
Yellow-collared Scape Moth
Palthis asopialis
8398Palthis asopialis
Faint-spotted Palthis Moth
Sigela brauneata
8432Sigela brauneata
Hormoschista latipalpis
8488Hormoschista latipalpis
Double-lined Brown Moth
Scolecocampa liburna
8514Scolecocampa liburna
Deadwood Borer Moth
Selenisa sueroides
8658Selenisa sueroides
Pale-edged Selenisa Moth
Zale lunifera
8713Zale lunifera
Bold-based Zale Moth
Argyrostrotis deleta
8763Argyrostrotis deleta
Argyrostrotis deleta
8763Argyrostrotis deleta
Catocala maestosa
8793Catocala maestosa
Sad Underwing Moth
Catocala similis
8873Catocala similis
Similar Underwing Moth
Enigmogramma basigera
8886Enigmogramma basigera
Pink-washed Looper Moth
Nola pustulata
8989Nola pustulata
Sharp-blotched Nola Moth
Nola n. sp
8998.96Nola n. sp
Undescribed Nola n. sp.
Exyra semicrocea
9024Exyra semicrocea
Pseudeustrotia indeterminata
9054Pseudeustrotia indeterminata
Acronicta afflicta
9254Acronicta afflicta
Afflicted Dagger Moth
Elaphria fuscimacula
9675Elaphria fuscimacula
Elaphria fuscimacula
9675Elaphria fuscimacula
Elaphria georgei
9680Elaphria georgei
George's Midget Moth
Condica sutor
9699Condica sutor
Cobbler Moth

Amolita obliqua
9819Amolita obliqua
Oblique Grass Moth
Amolita obliqua
9819Amolita obliqua
Oblique Grass Moth
Xystopeplus rufago
9942Xystopeplus rufago
Red-winged Sallow Moth
Leucania incognita
10450Leucania incognita
Anicla infecta
10911Anicla infecta
Green Cutworm Moth
Peridroma saucia
10915Peridroma saucia
Variegated Cutworm Moth
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