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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Phil Huntley-Franck – Elkton, Oregon
Caloptilia sp.
0645.97Caloptilia sp.
Coleophora serratella
1308Coleophora serratella
Mirificarma eburnella
2208Mirificarma eburnella
Plutella sp.
2366.97Plutella sp.
Pennisetia marginatum
2513Pennisetia marginatum
Synanthedon bibionipennis
2576Synanthedon bibionipennis
Synanthedon bibionipennis
2576Synanthedon bibionipennis
Synanthedon bibionipennis
2576Synanthedon bibionipennis
Olethreutes olivaceana
2778Olethreutes olivaceana
Petrophila confusalis
4780Petrophila confusalis
Catoptria oregonicus
5409Catoptria oregonicus
Acrobasis comptella
5656Acrobasis comptella
Hellinsia angustus
6206Hellinsia angustus
Ceranemota crumbi
6244Ceranemota crumbi
Stenoporpia anastomosaria
6462Stenoporpia anastomosaria
Protoboarmia porcelaria
6598Protoboarmia porcelaria
Melanolophia imitata
6618Melanolophia imitata
Gabriola dyari
6781Gabriola dyari
Nepytia phantasmaria
6907Nepytia phantasmaria
Sicya morsicaria
6915Sicya morsicaria
Tetracis jubararia
6954Tetracis jubararia
Nematocampa resistaria
7010Nematocampa resistaria
Idaea dimidiata
7126Idaea dimidiata
Triphosa haesitata
7285Triphosa haesitata
Malacosoma californica
7702Malacosoma californica
Coelodasys unicornis
8007Coelodasys unicornis
Clemensia umbrata
8098.2Clemensia umbrata
Spilosoma pteridis
8139Spilosoma pteridis
Lophocampa argentata
8209Lophocampa argentata
Ctenucha rubroscapus
8264Ctenucha rubroscapus
Dasychira vagans
8294Dasychira vagans
Dasychira vagans
8294Dasychira vagans
Hypena bijugalis
8443Hypena bijugalis
Cosmia praeacuta
9814Cosmia praeacuta
Pleromelloida cinerea
10031Pleromelloida cinerea
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