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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Mike McIvor – Banff, Alberta
Gazoryctra roseicaput
0025Gazoryctra roseicaput
Gazoryctra roseicaput
0025Gazoryctra roseicaput
Nemophora bellela
0218Nemophora bellela
Ethmia monticola
0987Ethmia monticola
Gray Ethmia Moth
Mompha albapalpella
1423Mompha albapalpella
Sesia tibiale
2543Sesia tibiale
American Hornet Moth
Cydia multilineana
3459Cydia multilineana
Aethes deutschiana
3755.3Aethes deutschiana
Gesneria centuriella
4703Gesneria centuriella
Sitochroa chortalis
4987Sitochroa chortalis
Dimorphic Sitochroa Moth
Pyrausta borealis
5060.1Pyrausta borealis
Northern Pyrausta Moth
Pyrausta borealis
5060.1Pyrausta borealis
Northern Pyrausta Moth
Pyrausta unifascialis
5068Pyrausta unifascialis
Pussy's Toes Pyrausta Moth
Udea sp
5101.97Udea sp
Unidentified Udea Moths
Macaria occiduaria
6279Macaria occiduaria
Macaria brunneata
6286Macaria brunneata
Macaria decorata
6306Macaria decorata
Macaria decorata
6306Macaria decorata
Hesperumia sulphuraria
6431Hesperumia sulphuraria
Sulphur Moth
Lycia rachelae
6653Lycia rachelae
Twilight Moth
Metanema inatomaria
6819Metanema inatomaria
Pale Metanema Moth
Metanema determinata
6820Metanema determinata
Dark Metanema Moth
Neoterpes trianguliferata
6860Neoterpes trianguliferata
Sicya macularia
6912Sicya macularia
Sharp-lined Yellow Moth
Mesothea incertata
7085Mesothea incertata
Day Emerald Moth
Antepirrhoe atrifasciata
7212Antepirrhoe atrifasciata
Hydriomena quinquefasciata
7258Hydriomena quinquefasciata
Mesoleuca ruficillata
7307Mesoleuca ruficillata
White-ribboned Carpet Moth
Mesoleuca ruficillata
7307Mesoleuca ruficillata
White-ribboned Carpet Moth
Horisme incana
7446Horisme incana
Malacosoma californica
7702Malacosoma californica
Western Tent Caterpillar Moth
Arctia plantaginis
8127Arctia plantaginis
Wood Tiger Moth
Scoliopteryx libatrix
8555Scoliopteryx libatrix
Herald Moth
Drasteria hudsonica
8632Drasteria hudsonica
Northern Arches Moth
Catocala semirelicta
8821Catocala semirelicta
Semirelict Underwing Moth
Syngrapha microgamma
8946Syngrapha microgamma
Syngrapha ignea
8949Syngrapha ignea
Mountain Beauty Moth
Hypocoena basistriga
9439Hypocoena basistriga
Brachylomia populi
9993Brachylomia populi
Brachylomia populi
9993Brachylomia populi
Leucania dia
10449.1Leucania dia
Agrotis vancouverensis
10652Agrotis vancouverensis
Xestia perquiritata
10962Xestia perquiritata
Xestia homogena
10964Xestia homogena
Eutricopis nexilis
11062Eutricopis nexilis
White-spotted Midget Moth
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