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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Mark Brown – Iowa City, Iowa
Hymenoclea palmii
2626Hymenoclea palmii
Endothenia heinrichi
2733Endothenia heinrichi
Evora hemidesma
2866Evora hemidesma
Cenopis eulongicosta
3721.1Cenopis eulongicosta
Choristostigma disputalis
5133Choristostigma disputalis
Phaedropsis stictigramma
5247Phaedropsis stictigramma
Microcrambus polingi
5421Microcrambus polingi
Microcausta bipunctalis
5457Microcausta bipunctalis
Macalla thyrsisalis
5575Macalla thyrsisalis
Sciota subcaesiella
5796Sciota subcaesiella
Iridopsis clivinaria
6575Iridopsis clivinaria
Paleacrita vernata
6662Paleacrita vernata
Pionenta ochreata
6992Pionenta ochreata
Sabulodes niveostriata
7000Sabulodes niveostriata
Ersephila indistincta
7279Ersephila indistincta
Stamnodes apollo
7345Stamnodes apollo
Stamnodes apollo
7345Stamnodes apollo
Apatelodes pudefacta
7664Apatelodes pudefacta
Dasylophia anguina
7957Dasylophia anguina
Macrurocampa miranda
7976.1Macrurocampa miranda
Macrurocampa miranda
7976.1Macrurocampa miranda
Rifargia subrotata
7985Rifargia subrotata
Rifargia subrotata
7985Rifargia subrotata
Macrurocampa ruficornis
7996Macrurocampa ruficornis
Dinumma deponens
8554.5Dinumma deponens
Ponometia tortricina
9101Ponometia tortricina
Catabena lineolata
10033Catabena lineolata
Copablepharon canariana
10682Copablepharon canariana
Copablepharon canariana
10682Copablepharon canariana
Euxoa niveilinea
10831Euxoa niveilinea
Protogygia postera
10892.1Protogygia postera
Abagrotis discoidalis
11035Abagrotis discoidalis
Schinia illustra
11170Schinia illustra
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