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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Margarethe Brummermann – Tucson, Arizona
Eumorpha typhon
7863Eumorpha typhon
Typhon Sphinx Moth
Macrurocampa dorothea
7976Macrurocampa dorothea
Theroa zethus
8000Theroa zethus
Praeschausia zapata
8001Praeschausia zapata
Lirimiris truncata
8027Lirimiris truncata
Crinodes biedermani
8028Crinodes biedermani
Inopsis modulata
8055Inopsis modulata
Haematomis uniformis
8093Haematomis uniformis
Virbia ostenta
8116Virbia ostenta
Arachnis picta
8152Arachnis picta
Painted tiger Moth
Hypocrisias minima
8201Hypocrisias minima
Halysidota davisii
8205Halysidota davisii
Davis' Tussock Moth
Lophocampa maculata
8214Lophocampa maculata
Spotted Tussock Moth
Opharus muricolor
8225Opharus muricolor
Carales arizonensis
8226Carales arizonensis
Euchaetes antica
8242Euchaetes antica
Pygarctia murina
8250Pygarctia murina
Hemeroplanis incusalis
8474Hemeroplanis incusalis
Metalectra miserulata
8506Metalectra miserulata
Metalectra edilis
8507Metalectra edilis
Baniana minor
8590.1Baniana minor
Celiptera valina
8748Celiptera valina
Iscadia aperta
8980Iscadia aperta
Cobubatha n. sp.
9019.3Cobubatha n. sp.
Undescribed Cobubatha sp.
Cobubatha n. sp.
9019.3Cobubatha n. sp.
Undescribed Cobubatha sp.
Cobubatha n. sp.
9019.3Cobubatha n. sp.
Undescribed Cobubatha sp.
Allerastria albiciliatus
9020Allerastria albiciliatus
Phoenicophanta bicolor
9028Phoenicophanta bicolor
Eustrotiini sp.
9045.98Eustrotiini sp.
Eustrotiini n. gen. & n. sp.
Lithacodia phya
9055Lithacodia phya
Ponometia cuta
9094Ponometia cuta
Tarache arida
9150Tarache arida
Chloronycta tybo
9283Chloronycta tybo
Gerra sevorsa
9303Gerra sevorsa
Gerrodes minatea
9304Gerrodes minatea
Alypiodes bimaculata
9312Alypiodes bimaculata
Two-spotted Forester Moth
Euplexia triplaga
9544Euplexia triplaga
Properigea continens
9590Properigea continens
Miracavira brillians
9620Miracavira brillians
Bryolymnia viridimedia
9685Bryolymnia viridimedia
Bryolymnia semifascia
9686Bryolymnia semifascia
Half-banded Bryolymnia Moth
Bryolymnia anthracitaria
9686.1Bryolymnia anthracitaria
Stibaera thyatiroides
9716Stibaera thyatiroides
Whaleback Moth
Azenia edentata
9726Azenia edentata
Plagiomimicus n. sp.
9755.97Plagiomimicus n. sp.
Chrysoecia scira
9761Chrysoecia scira
Nocloa cordova
9796Nocloa cordova
Nocloa alcandra
9799Nocloa alcandra
Nocloa alcandra
9799Nocloa alcandra
Nocloa aliaga
9800Nocloa aliaga
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